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Help getting rid of skin CC that won't go away?

With some of the content have gotten off the exchange some items play nicely but I'm finding others don't. I have a Sim that has a stubborn skin CC Blueberry Pie that no matter what I do tags along with the Sim. I've tried changing the skin to a default and it still loads into the game, my assumption here is any CC that acts in this manner can't be good for the game and may create lags as well? I've tried some Delphy program but when I dragged the Sim from the exports folder into that nothing looked out of the ordinary, 1 big file followed by thumbnails of the sim in different clothing conditions, i.e. Everyday, Formal etc. I really like the face design and want to use it in my game but I really want to avoid troublesome CC. Thanks!

Any ideas?


  • BryanbejayBryanbejay Posts: 5 New Member
    > @EverclearBoy said:
    > I really want to avoid troublesome CC.

    Might want to avoid the exchange in that case, as most of what's there can be classed as troublesome CC, especially the sims.

    As for your problem, odds are the skin (and other .package based CC) was merged into the .sim file when it was being created with the "share sim" feature in CAS.

    As long as that .sim file exists in your SavedSims folder then that skin will always be in your game.

    Unless you are really into the heavy hacking of game files then your best bet is to load the sim into CAS, change everything it's using into base/EP/SP content, then save the modified sim to the bin in CAS. assuming you installed the sim with the launcher then you can now uninstall it, then head into your "The Sims 3" folder and delete the five files with cache in their names.
  • EverclearBoyEverclearBoy Posts: 69 Member
    With cache in their name under which folder? Thank you!
  • BryanbejayBryanbejay Posts: 5 New Member
    You'll find them under "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3", it's the same place you will find your save games and the Mods folder
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