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The Sims Mobile Update - October 16th, 2018 Patch Notes

Hey Simmers,

This update is absolutely spooktacular! The Halloween Haunt event will begin on October 23rd, giving YOU the chance to earn a motley assortment of costumes and spooky items.

Note: If you are not seeing the Update in the iOS App Store, please try going to your Updates tab and pull to refresh the page.

Key Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with venues periodically re-locking for some players
  • Fixed an issue with Helping Hand purchases not always completing correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the language toggle not saving preference after switching to English
  • Sims should no longer want to hang out in the bathroom quite as frequently (seriously, what are they doing in there)
Thanks for reading, and all your continued support of The Sims Mobile!

- SimGuruPaul


  • SimGuruMaaikeSimGuruMaaike Posts: 88 SimGuru
    Some of you have had questions about Halloween in this update. The Countdown to Halloween quest will start within a few days. The quest offers several spooky items that will boost your progress through the Halloween Haunt. Enjoy!
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