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you know the relics you can assemble. Will any crystal do when inserting it into the relic? Or is the a special one?
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    Any crystal that has been cut, but rare is better than uncommon because the effects are stronger/longer lasting when you cast the spell. Common gems have the weakest effect.
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    The outcome of the blessing/curse will vary depending on the kind of crystal used (common, uncommon, or rare). Using the different combination of relic tops and bottoms, the effects are summarized below (copied from this web page because the print is too small for me to read): http://mouseysvirtualmonsters.tumblr.com/post/171377876507/jungle-adventure-mystical-relics

    Chaos Totecallam- Curse of the Food Mirage
    • Common: Cure by eating Selvdortion Food
    • Uncommon: Cure by eating ‘real’ Seldortion Food
    • Rare: Cure by eating Pancakes
    Chaos Balamplash- Blessing of New Relationships
    • Common:Blessing of the budding wallflower (1 new friend)
    • Uncommon:Blessing of the social butterfly ( 2 new friends)
    • Rare: Blessing of plentiful buddies (4 new friends)
    Chaos Zazotl -Curse of Greedy Needs
    • Common: Peroidic mood drops
    • Uncommon: Slow recovery of moods
    • Rare: Faster mood decay
    Death Totecallam- Blessing of the Skeleton Assistant
    • Common: Skeleton causes tense moodlet
    • Uncommon: No moodlet caused by skeleton
    • Rare: a ‘charming’ skeleton that gives a good moodlet which causes extra skill gain
    Death Zaztol - Marked for Death
    • Common: Death by Eletrocution
    • Uncommmon: Death by Combustion
    • Rare: Death by Poison
    Death Balamplash - Blessing of Skeletal Transmogification
    • Common: Short 12 hr transformation
    • Uncommon: Moderate 20 hr transformation
    • Rare: Long 2 day transformation
    Watcher Balamplash - Blessing of Wealth
    • Common: Small $25 gain
    • Uncommon: Moderate $125 gain
    • Rare: Large $500 gain
    Watcher Totecallam -Curse of the anicents
    • Common: Sneezing curse
    • Uncommon: Screaming curse
    • Rare: Sleeping curse
    Watcher Zaztotl -Curse of the Personal Raincloud
    • Common: A sadness causing cloud
    • Uncommon: A sadbess causing cloud with occasional lightning
    • Rare: Mood swing causing cloud
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    that is a nice quick peek at what they all do, though some aren't quite spot on (the 'death by' ones, for example, give you the start of them. electrocution one sets it up so your sim will die if they repair electronics while the moodlet is up but if they never do, the moodlet fades and nothing happens to the sim. the combustion one will set the sim on fire at random times, so a better chance they'll die. and the poison one has the fun 'might get better in 12 hours, might have to wait a week to see if they die after all' from the normal poison death (they give you plenty of time to save the sim for that one). so not exactly guaranteed deaths with them, though the list looks like they are)

    the blessings of wealth, also, are not a one-time thing, but show up in royalty reports for quite a while

    and something worth mentioning is that all those curses listed each have a unique way to reverse them and turn them into powerful blessings. overall, i really do like their addition to the game, even if i don't really use them all that much (i am considering giving some to various 'witch' sims to mimic spellcasting, though. or maybe to a mystical villain type instead of a tech villain)
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    My Sim can't "insert crystal" or "Fuse With" even though she has all the items necessary! It's grayed out
  • SimpkinSimpkin Posts: 7,123 Member
    Moxi wrote: »
    My Sim can't "insert crystal" or "Fuse With" even though she has all the items necessary! It's grayed out

    read the description on the grayed out option. It should tell you what is wrong. Is the crystal refined?
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