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Retire A Sim Idea


We should have an option to either Retire the Sim or Make Sim A Lifelong Player Sim. Cause alot of us players may have a favorite sim that we dont want to retire at all.
As a long lifelong sim, it still will be playable while it goes through the phase of growing old. Maybe have like an amulet for the soon to be retire sim to wish to have a longer life span or retire and give an heirloom out.


  • GkundoGkundo Posts: 24 Member
    Or just have the option to never retire them.
  • Kalyps0Kalyps0 Posts: 9 New Member
    I like this idea.
    I take it if we never have any of our sims procreate, they will still become elderly and be required to retire?
    (I'm fairly new to the game and still trying to figure things out).
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