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Sims 3 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Challenge

Lavender_Milk1Lavender_Milk1 Posts: 40 Member
Okay, so I been trying to find the perfect zombie apocalypse challenge for almost two years now. I would find one, but it didn't have exactly what I was looking for. However, each version of the challenge that I found did include things that I loved about it, so I used those rules and started to build my own. my goal is to make the most rewarding, realistic, and engaging apocalyptic survival challenge. please feel free to give feedback and suggestions to help improve this challenge!

***QUICK WARNING: this challenge can get pretty hard, as surviving a zombie apocalypse would be, but if you are a skilled simmer, enjoy a challenge, and love story telling than this is the challenge for you.***

Overall goal and challenge summery: Your sims start off with nothing, they will need to survive the apocalypse by being careful, eating the food they catch and grow, and using the furniture they steal. Your goal is to build a camp from the ground up WITHOUT going into buy mode. You will need to survive four generations. Each generation will have their own trials, goals and benefits (listed below).

Before you start you’ll need:
The sims 3 supernatural expansion pack. (this is the Nraas base mod. It allows you to use all the other mods suggested in this post. You will also need this mod to open houses so your sims can gather supplies from inside them.) (this mod allows zombies to be hostel and attack your sims. This mod also allows the zombies to infect other sims, including your own, so be careful.) (this will allow your sims to have a baby even when there are already 8 sims.) (this will allow you to see and play with the sims that exceed the 8 sim per household limit. This mod allows up to 24 portraits, though not recommended.)

8 sims have ended up together by chance. Each one having their own story and heartbreaks to bare. This large group, once larger, have lost many other on their long journey to the unknown. Tired and defeated, they have decided that running away wasn’t the answer anymore. They could no longer handle not knowing where they would sleep or who would die next. They were all willing to stand for this plot of land and fight together to make it their home.

*This will help:
it is important to create unique sims that you are ready to grow attached too. (or use sims that you already love). At the end of the day, your value of them will determine who survives. They need you! Create stories, cause drama, develop relationships, feel with them, and be true to your role. (for example; having the leader go into a building to check if its safe before they allow the others to follow. Small things like that will help you build their characters and be more in tune with their stories.) keep in mind that you won’t be connected to your sims right off the bat. This takes time, but once you feel like they are more than just pixels, then you will know that it was worth it.

Starting off:
Choose a town you want to set this challenge in. I recommend Twin Brook. The astatic is foggy and murky for that apocalypse effect. (it also has its brighter days so you don’t get tired of the same kind of atmosphere all the time.) Another plus to this town is that a large part of it is a swamp, meaning that most of the things here are already grungy and look like they were abandoned. Also the swamps never freeze over, so you have a source of food during the winter. A down side to Twin Brook is that there are no wild plants to harvest from… this makes it a bit harder to find food, but also more realistic. You shouldn’t eat wild plants during an apocalypse anyways.

You will need 8 sims to start off this challenge. None of these sims can be related. These 8 sims will need to have four kids. Those four kids will have two kids and those kids will have only one child. The last child will be the one who ends the game. This is only the abstract idea of the game. If you want to have 10 or 24 sims, that is completely up to you. Having four couples who have four kids in all is the easiest way to explain this idea… and keep track of what’s going on during the game. The more sims, the harder the game.

Important: the sims that don’t have the kleptomaniac trait cannot leave the camp. If they do, they will need someone (one of the leaders/gatherers) with them to protect them. Otherwise, if they are attacked they will not survive.
Style: this might be hard to do but try not to make your sims look like they just walked out of a forever 21. It’s hard to believe a sim would still be wearing high heels and looking cute after the end of the world. The clothes should look as if they were found in a ditch and layered on, so they can keep warm/ protect themselves from bites. Matching outfits are sooo a thing of the past.

Create a leader: this sim is the protector and the organizer of the group, they must have the “light sleeper” trait to represent the weight they feel of the lives they carry on their shoulders. They must also have the kleptomaniac trait so they can lead their people on gathering and hunting expeditions.
A second in command: this person needs to have the kleptomaniac trait; they will need to be ready to take action and leave camp if needed. They will take the place as a leader when the leader is away gathering or dead. This sim is who the leader talks to about worries, plans, and ideas. The leader should be able to trust them to lead the others while they are away. They should be friends.
Gatherers: Each gatherer will need the kleptomaniac trait. They are responsible for collecting items and gathering food. Items that you can’t use in your camp, such as lights, you can delete and use the money to build. It is up to you how many gatherers you have in your camp, but remember, some sims are more valuable at the camp.
Painters: painter(s) spend their time painting. A large painting will take a full day to complete, but their skills are valuable to the group. You can use the money from painting to build walls. A painting a day keeps the zombies away! Can not have the kleptomaniac trait.
Planners: this sim (or sims) is the intelligent one. They aren’t useful in agility or strength, but in brains! (just don’t let the zombies know that.) they spend the day learning how to craft things out of, seemingly, thin air. If you are willing to send a gatherer out to grab scraps for them, they can invent anything! If you get their handiness skill up to three, the planner(s) can repair broken items and the gatherers can swipe toilets and bathtubs. You can replace the bathtubs with single use showers if the planner(s) reach level 5. The planners cannot have the kleptomaniac trait.
Gardeners: Any sim can do this no matter what role they play in the group, but it would be useful for a sim to specialize in this activity as well as their other role. Some useful plants (such as watermelons) require a level 5 gardening skill. During the first two weeks. It is suggested to get a sims skill up as much as possible in that time, Select traits that will help you with this.
*my planner (mark: left) discussing a location hazard with the two tense leaders. (Erin, leader: foreground) (Logan, second in command: background)

Selecting a camp:
The size and location are up to you, but you will need shelter from the elements. This could be a shed, a ruined green house, or even a run-down cabin. Just make sure there isn’t anything useful in them. No beds, showers/bathtubs, electronics, fridges, etc. no crops or ponds. For more realism add trees to delete when you want to build (like you are cutting them down for wood. The money you gain from deleting them will be useful) you can also tear down the shelter you’re staying in for wood… after your Sims have another place to sleep of course.

*Example: I used 1703 Riverview Road: Guppy Gills Pond. I leveled the ground, took away the pond, built a distressed house, and placed a chain link fence around the lot.

Before you start the outbreak:
Delete the cameras and anything else you could sale from your sim’s inventories. Their diplomas can stay if you want, they can be placed on the wall after a sim dies. Proof that they were alive once.
Delete any expansion pushes. (i.e. the university gift baskets, and the teleporter from into the future.)
give each sim a sleeping bag. Feel free to decorate them and grunge them up to add to the feel. Also, you can add more realism to the game by randomly decorating the sleeping bags despite who they belong too. They probably didn’t get to pick which sleeping bag they got while they were trying to find supplies on the run. “So what if my sleeping bag has pretty little snowflakes, it’s warm! And cozy! And warm!”
turn off services, phones, and opportunities.
delete the school.
Lock the gate for everyone but household members! Zombies will come in otherwise!
• Set your family funds to 500. Use testingcheatsenabled true . and familyfunds insert family last name here 500.
Go to the market and buy 4 tomatoes, 4 apples, and 4 lettuce, and 12 of any other fruit or vegetable. The 12 extra food will be for your sims to eat. Keep in mind that it takes a week for the plants to grow and you’re racing against time. You need to save as much food as you can for the winter. So make sure to plant your food as soon as possible. (and no you cant use a planter bowl and keep food inside. There isn’t any heating to keep them warm. Nice try)
You are allowed to by one skill book and one nonskill book. You only get one so choose carefully.
Make sure your sims are all in the camp before you start the outbreak. Imagine they already came with this stuff

Gathering and expeditions:
This includes fishing, gathering crops, scraps, and stealing from houses. (you can scrap whatever you don’t want/cant have for wood. If you decide to keep something and it looks too new, you can make it look worn down by dulling its color and changing its material.)
If you choose to use the “no cars” mod for more realism and challenge, it could take your sims a day to reach their destination and gather food or supplies. Have them take a sleeping bag and sleep inside an empty house (with the door locked). This option adds more challenge to the game because the ones at home are left with little to no food until the hunting party returns… unless the gatherers couldn’t find anything. Letting a few sims die might be your best option. Less mouths to feed. The hunting party is at a greater risk of not returning at all. (see being attacked below)

Avoid cheating if possible. There’s no crying in baseball!
One child per sim. Being pregnant means one less sim helping out and one more mouth to feed. Plus giving birth is dangerous. (see chances for more details.)
Sims must stick together when they leave camp. Safety in numbers. Have a sim wait outside the door to keep a look out while the other is gathering supplies. If a sim leaves alone roll a chance.
You can buy 8 fruits from the super market every day for the first week. Except for the first day. You get 12. After summer is over, you found every bit of food that you could from that place and now its dry.
You can only have a toilet outside in an outhouse. Once your planner reaches level three in handiness, you can add more after you have a place to put them (i.e. another outhouse somewhere or a communal bathroom/shower area).
No bathtubs or showers until your planner reaches level three. Again you have to have a place to put them before you can add one. This means your sims will stink for a few days.
No electronics, fridges, or lighting. They just don’t work anymore.
Never use build mode. Only use whats in your family inventory. There exceptions. You can by lanterns and beds, and single use showers once your planner reaches level 5, but nothing else.

Being attacked:

**girl screams* (random sim being attacked in their home.)

Oh no!
Being attacked is when a zombie is in sight and your sim has the “zombie attack!” action cue. If you cant see the zombie, you can escape.

**Whenever your sims leave camp, they risk being attacked.
**If you have a kleptomaniacless sim wonder out alone, they die. No Rolls for them. You better prepare a memorial for them, They have no chance.
** if a sim is bit, these rolls don’t apply. Kill them, they are infected.

Alone: roll a random number generator between 1 and 10. If your number lands on 1-3 they got away, but they are hurt and need to be kept in quarantine for a day or killed. Take away their kleptomaniac trait. (depending on how strict your leader is. They might be pretty angry for that sim disobeying their orders and worried for the other majority. The infection spreads easily. Just having the sim in camp could pass it on to the others. Trust me. I know from experience. Choices. Oh, so hard choices.) if the number is 4 or 5 they die. Take a week off your leaders’ life and add a permanent grievance trait. (hot headed, no sense of humor, gloomy, brooding, etc.) If the number is 6-10 they are fine. What a close call!

Group of two: between 1-10, if the number is 1-5 they are fine. “I got you buddy!” if the number is 6 the attackie dies. The odds were not in your favor. Take a week off the leaders life and the partners life. Give both a permanent grievance trait. 7-8. The partner is hurt. Oh no…! the guilt! Ugh! I cant take it! Why? Add a grievance trait to the attackie until the partner is out of quarantine. If you choose to kill the wounded (incase they were too close to the zombie or got bit. You will know if they get sick.) add two traits and the traits are permanent. 9-10, both are hurt. That was a pretty rough escape, it could have been worse. Bonding time! Keep both in quarantine. (or kill them, up to you.)

Group of three: 1-10, if the number is 1-8 they are fine. You are stronger in numbers, never forget that. You landed on 9, someone is hurt. You pick who. If your number is 10 everyone is fine, but the attackie loses everything in their inventory during the struggle. This means any food, keep sake, or fish.

Group of four or more: the numbers between 1-10, if you roll 1-5, your sims are safe. They can easily run away from the attack without any setbacks. You landed on 6-10, you can kill the zombie. “oh-ho-ho! Look who’s killing who now!” use the nraas mod to kill the zombie, or any mod you prefer.

Pregnancy and children:
Though it is a necessary part of life, pregnancy and births do come with their own risk. In a world without health care and danger and every direction, the only thing the sims can do is wait and hold their heads in their hands as the baby’s time to leave the safety of their moms womb and inter into the world comes closer.
Dangers: When the mother discovers she is pregnant, roll the number generator to see the outcome. 1-10. If you land on 1-4, the mother is sick. Keep her in quarantine and only let her eat fruit and vegetables. No fish. If she eats fish the roll the numbers 9-10. 5-8 everything is perfectly fine, no need to worry. The pregnancy is going smoothly, make sure to keep the mother in camp. 9, the mother dies, but the baby is strong. Wait until after the birth to kill her. 10 the baby passes away. The mother is fine, though distraught. Wait three days before you try again. If the mother has three unsuccessful pregnancies; give her the “hates children” trait. Terminate the pregnancy or delete the baby.


Important rules: During the pregnancy, keep the mother in camp. If she leaves at all for any reason you will have to roll again. (if the mother discovers that she is pregnant while she is on a mission, this counts as being out of camp. Roll twice.) if your sims are trying to have a baby, It would be a good idea to keep her in camp until they are born.
Don’t take the baby out of camp. They will not survive regardless if there are any zombies around. Your Sims offspring should stay in camp until they are a teenager. Don’t mind if they become stir-crazy, they are only eager to learn what’s out there. If they do end up escaping roll a number. 1-2 they die, 3-6 they are sick, 7-10 they are fine.

You should have two boys and two girls at the end of generation one. You can use any mod or fruit to achieve this.
Apple= boy
Watermelon= girl.
The child should take the roles of their parents. The children will have to take their parents place and follow in their foot steps. i.e. the leader’s child will take the place as the new leader and also have the skills as a gatherer.

Generation 1:
The sufferers: these sims are the founders. They will be the hardest generation to play, but with your guidance, they will survive and build a safe place for their future to unfold.
• survive and keep everyone alive.
• build a functionable camp
• find love
• raise the future generation in the apocalypse, teach them how to survive.




Death affects everyone (unless that sim happens to be an 🤔🤔🤔🤔 and hated by everyone.) mainly the leader, significant other, child, and every other sim that has at least a “friend” status with them. If a sim dies, give these sims permanent grievance trait and take a week off their lives. (unless stated otherwise). this rule does not apply if the sim died naturally.
These traits include:
Can’t Stand Art
Dislikes Children
Hates The Outdoors
Hot Headed
Light Sleeper
Mean Spirited
No sense of humor

After a sim dies, place a small lot somewhere near your camp. Ghost can get really annoying. Having a graveyard off your lot helps solve this.

You can only replace a good trait with these. Naturally, a sim may have some of these traits from the beginning (these sims must have had a hard time adjusting to this new reality). If your sim already has a few of these traits from the start, they do not get a free pass, Add another. If all of your sim’s traits are changed or are all negative, they will become crazy and you will have to kill them.

It is important to remember that this challenge WILL get easier the longer you play it. Just remember to get pulled in with the sim’s stories and dramas to spice things up. Have fun and feel free to tell me your stories!

I had inspiration from iamthecure’s lift restrictions- Zombie Apocalypse Challenge, cannibalcupcake’s Zombie Aftermath Challenge, and Frozenorangejuic’s Zombie Apocalypse challenge using victor. Feel free to check those out!

Anatlus89's story:

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  • HunnypoohHunnypooh Posts: 15 Member
    Several questions as I start on this: What kind of settings should I set with the Vector zombie mods? Should the other townies be cleared out or left to make more infected? What infection settings should I make to Vector? Infection rate and fatality odds? Or is that my preference? Do I take an infected gatherer's klepto trait away permanently? Or do I give it back if they end up being okay? I might have other questions... I can't remember. I mostly ask this because Vector has infection settings with mulitple infection possibilities and you can even set the infection and onset rate. Or should that be turned off and just have it determined by the roll? And if that's the case, how would I determine if a wounded attack victim actually pulls through and/or hasn't infect the camp? Or did you not mean that literally? Sorry, I was typing up a manual version of this so I wouldn't have to keep go to this site, but there were some holes to the rules I couldn't discern. I could make up my own solutions, of course, but I thought it'd be better to get your insight first since you wrote it.
  • Lavender_Milk1Lavender_Milk1 Posts: 40 Member
    The zombie apocalypse is completely up to you. The amount of people in your town and the settings for vector is how ever you want it to be.

    If you take away the kleptomaniac trait it will be permanent. Think of this as punishment for going out alone... Or they wouldn't want to leave the camp ever again.

    If a sim is literally turned into a zombie, you don't need to roll for them. They are dead at that point. The rolls are mainly for adding unpredictability to the game/story. If a sim is literally turned into a zombie they will infect the other sims in your camp. That's just the outcome of the mod. If your sim wasn't actually infected and you're just going off your roll-- just assume everyone is fine (unless you roll otherwise).

    You can make up your own rules, outcomes, and solutions for this challenge. This is a story based challenge so i strongly encourage you to so. I hope this helps you even a little bit.
  • ChexpetChexpet Posts: 1 New Member
    Could you please post the following generations? I’ve got everything set up and am ready to get this challenge started, but I’d really like to know what comes next.
  • AlleenmensAlleenmens Posts: 18,600 Member
    Are you still doing this? @Lavender_Milk1 I can recommend a world that you can play this in. Roseward, if you Google it I'm sure you will find it. It's a sims 3 world. You just need to add people...
  • TheRealLazySimmerTheRealLazySimmer Posts: 1 New Member
    how do you start the apocalypse
    ? I cant find the vector thing in nraas .... but game says its installed...
  • LadyAngelchanLadyAngelchan Posts: 17 Member
    how do you start the apocalypse
    ? I can't find the vector thing in nraas .... but the game says it's installed...

    Here you go TheRealLazySimmer
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