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What have I missed?? Fill me in :D

Hi there fellow simmers!!

I'll make this short and sweet - I was hoping you guys could help me out - I've been in the sims game since the first sims 1 expansion pack and I love it so much. However over the past year or so I've gotten super busy with my college work and moved into a flat where I only had my laptop and couldn't play sims :'(

Therefore I've been out of the game world since about the time toddlers were freely gifted to us - finally got a hold of a computer and OMG we have seasons and pets??? Whaaaaat!? So excited to get back into this.

I'm hoping you guys can fill me in on what I've missed with updates and fun things we've been waiting for and also what is worth me spending my $$ on to catch up immediately (definitely pets as it seems to be on sale but what would you reccommend??)

Thank you and so much love xxx


  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,352 Member
    edited October 2018
    I have put out a new gameplay challenge called "Shipwrecked" if you are interested, @simsjessx and a few birthdays have gone, that's about all I know here.
  • grevilliabluegrevilliablue Posts: 147 Member
    I really enjoy the Jungle Adventures game pack. It's added quite a lot of interesting game play & best of all, the tombs reset each time. I've been playing a Sim who, initially, started out wanting to be an archaeological scholar. She's been able to make a very good living out of her visits to the jungle & her later career as a freelance author. It's meant that she's been able to stay home to be with her son who was fathered by Father Winter, which is another story altogether.
  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 1,002 Member
  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 1,002 Member
    I don't play the game but I still build and we are finally getting terrain editing (soon) so that's pretty cool in my book. :)
  • giggler36giggler36 Posts: 814 Member
    sawdust wrote: »
    I don't play the game but I still build and we are finally getting terrain editing (soon) so that's pretty cool in my book. :)

    OOH I didn't know this, about bloody time they put this in the game.
  • aussiekarimaaussiekarima Posts: 1,073 Member
    ~ And everyone will get it! Terrain tools for everyone!LOL(for FREE! and about time,too!)
    ~ Not looking forward to the Python update,but if it makes the game better it is a necessity, it is also pointing out that Sims 4 will be around for a good while longer! (otherwise they would not bother upgrading) ;)
    ~ Origin I.D.: aussiekarima ~
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 505 Member
    And a new EP comes Nov 16 called Get Famous. It comes with the following:

    1) a new world, Del Sol Valley
    2) 2 new careers: 1) Actor and 2) Influencer
    3) 2 new objects are also added, including a sketch pad (don't know what the second one is yet)
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