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I am noticing some tumblrs/blogs are directing for Sims custom content downloads to a dangerous site called activetect.net. This site is dangerous and full of malware, according to Google.. Google Chrome prevents its browser from even navigating to activetect.net.

Please, please, please use patreon or paypal if you need money to finance your creation of custom content. Adware ad-link shortening services are potentially dangerous because they do not screen their advertisers, and some "advertisers" make money by "warning" you about a "virus" on your computer, and if you take the wrong action (close your browser IMMEDIATELY if you see a "virus warning" popup and run a scan on your existing antivirus software - if the bad site prevents you from closing your browser, restart your computer by pushing and holding down the power off button until your computer powers off, or physically pulling the plug on your computer, and run an antivirus scan) your computer may be infected by these scam artists who then charge you to fix the problem they created on your computer.

Adware ad-link shortening services may also be ILLEGAL in the European Union, since they do not disclose what they do with your information to the extent required by EU law, nor do they allow users to remove information stored by them.
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