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How do I build stairs for a Basement Childs room?

PRINCESSReyPRINCESSRey Posts: 403 Member
Hello Simmers,
I bought a full furnished house which is narrow I have twins, and adopted a baby my house I purchased is narrow so I created a Basement Childs room but I have no idea how to add stairs.

Also I want to rotate objects; How do I rotate a item?

This is the first time ever buying a Sims game and using Sims 3 Legacy if anyone could help I be greatful

Thank-you for taking time to answer my questions.



  • cianeciane Posts: 15,408 Member
    Normal stairs need a long stretch - 5 tiles in length to place and freedom at the top and bottom tile for movement.
    Spiral stairs need a box 2x2 in space. As long as your basement is normal height, you should enter build mode, find the stairs you want and place them one the tile that will where the sims will start the ascent or descent. Have tile on the floors already or delete the section that will be filled with the starts. I hope that helps you.
  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 578 Member
    edited November 2018
    I love spiral staircases because they take up very little space. If you have the Back to the Future expansion back use the tubes. You can also use ladders and poles for a kid's basement area. It'll take up the least amount of space when you don't have the space to spare. It is a few of the features in build mode I love about Sims 3.

    Spiral Staircase - 4 squares of space, Tubes 1 wide and 2 squares longs, poles and ladders 1 square of space.
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  • PRINCESSReyPRINCESSRey Posts: 403 Member
    I did it!!! Thank- you eveyone for your kindness and time you took to help me I appreciate it allot.
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