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A Lasting Legacy

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Salutations Simmers and welcome to my first thread here on the forums.

This will be the home of all of the occurrences from my first ever Legacy play through. I'm currently quite a way into the first generation so I'm bringing you this update after my starting character, Lily, finished up with the whole kids shenanigans, at least giving birth to them, with 4 in the "child" stages of their lives, 1 toddler and a relatively new addition after the family had to give up their dog. And of course, her husband, and the father of all 6, the only Townie involved so far!

I'm still considering how I want to do all of the updating for this thread, I think I might just come back to this and edit it as I go through the stages of the game and the generations.

My Own Legacy

I've headed this part such as to imply a couple of different things:

(1) - I gave Lily my own surname (hers is the name I wish to give my own offspring in the future, so I figured it fitting), and despite the rules I've picked out (see below), this will be the surname that runs through all generations of the family, even if the females should marry men of a (hopefully) different surname.

(2) - I'm loosely basing this save game off of the Legacy challenge, that's to say that I'm not entirely abiding by every rule (although I'm pretty sure that I have to date), and I'm certainly not keeping a score - it's not really my style. What I am doing though is giving the children each their own randomised set of traits - I feel that this is much more realistic and I'm using the legacy trait generator which seems to have produced an interesting bunch thus far. Furthermore, I'm not looking at just setting up this save for 10 generations. That'd be lacking far too much ambition. I've not really set a gap for this so far, and I don't think I will, just because I feel as though I won't be able to let go of this save.

Some other points to note
  • I have the ageing time at it's maximum as I can't stand to see people grow up and "move on" too fast!
  • I have seasons on the maximum length (winter is a drag) of 28 days
  • The only thing I change of sims is hair and beard style/clothes/props (glasses etc) - everything else is default
  • The 4 rules for the Legacy challenge I picked were: Strict Matriarchy (female only heirs), Strict Traditional (Natural Children only), Xenophobic (No green (wo)men), Hand Chosen (I choose the heir) - I'm not sure the last is an option, but it's what I'm rolling with!
  • I'll be trying to keep things realistic. That means no potions to keep people alive, and only pleading with Death with characters that I'm overly attached to in the most...

Generation I

The first generation includes 2 characters (I guess it could also just be my starting character, but I consider her spouse to be on the same tier of the ladder as her).

Lily - "The Starter"

Lily was my starting SIM. She began the save with a slender physique and a rather interesting set of characteristics. She has the Master Chef aspiration and her traits include: Active, Family Oriented and Foodie. At once I was confronted with the issue of whether or not to play her as a body-training, hard hitting, salad craving mother who runs down the street, a child in one arm and the pushchair hardly hitting the floor in front of her as she made her way to the day care, or whether she would be a calm, soothing soul, dedicated to good times, good food and a hectic, yet more manageable approach. In the end I've gone for the latter (you could probably tell by the way I sold it there) and she's not gone to the gym yet, so she's put on quite a considerable amount of weight. Most of the children are now ageing up so I think that her fitness and physique will be the next thing that I look to work on with her. The main reason for this is that not only do I not plan on having her produce more children, but also because she has now reached the pinnacle of her career - she's a Chief of Staff at the hospital that she's worked at since Day 2 and she's bringing home up to and just over 3k/day, compared to the humble beginnings, that amount still baffles me even now.

Lily has now become an adult - about a week after her spouse became an elder - a little odd if you think about it, but it feels right in a weird way - she's very mature and settled down very quickly. Shortly before adulthood as well, her physique changed entirely, those tireless days of the treadmill and weights have really paid off and I've included an image in the Spoiler below labelled "post workout selfie" - I wish it was "that easy" in real life! She's also now bringing in 390/hour, working 4 days a week 9-7 so her pay is ludicrous at this point and she's the only earner in the house - making the rent for the week in a day more often than not. Her character is just awesome - she's a mother, a doctor and a wife in equal amounts and I just adore the way she does it all!

Outfit Spoiler
Hot Weather
Cold Weather

Post Workout Selfie - Compare this to her everyday attire above and it's like an entirely new person

Tetsu - "The Townie Husband"

I can't parade him around as though he's been Lily's husband for that long, in reality it's only been a few days ago, but they've been together for over a year in game and have had 6 children, developing a property absent of walls into a 2 story (soon to be 3) abode that houses 8. Lily wasn't particularly lucky with the guys but Tetsu came along and changed all that - some might call it love at first sight! Tetsu has also developed a bit of a gut during his time building a family but I fear might be a little less willing to improve, absent of the Active trait which Lily boasts. He's a whole age category above Lily and is only a few weeks away from becoming an elder and making me wish I hadn't brought through the rule of no potions! His Aspiration is Successful Lineage with Neat, Good and Childish traits. He works in the musical performance industry and he's pretty 🎃🎃🎃🎃 good at what he does, but brings home just short of 1k a day - not bad at all if you think about it - but nowhere near the rates that Lily can boast she brings. His slight "dad bod" mixes with a beard that look that makes you know that a bad joke is on the horizon...

Now moving into his elder years, Tetsu has the outfit selection, hair and beard of a silver fox, though his body says it's been too many pancakes and not enough push ups. I'm not sure how long Tetsu will remain a part of the series as his parting seems like it could happen at any minute. I have taken the choice to retire him from his profession as part of a strings symphonic but worry not, he'll still play an important role. I've just got finished with a shed and some plants as well as a few bee hives which could prove to be interesting. He'll never be far from more work to be done, what with the gnome seeds being all over our lot and all, and he'll play an instrumental role in bringing up a young Niamh to take over his job on the lot when she's old enough to don the leather gloves and bee suit!

Outfit Spoiler

Generation II

As I stated previously - these are all quite young so their rundown is a little shorter, but their characters are still as vivid in the forefront of my mind.

David - "The Misunderstood"

I've tried to give every child and every character their own little back story which comes across in their clothing and the way that I plan for them to live out their lives. David was the starting point of that and he's the kind of character which I'd describe as "Misunderstood". He has traits in Rambunctious Scamp with an Active trait from his mother's gene pool. He's the eldest but he's the kind of eldest that gets pushed around a lot, given a hard time, by the second eldest. He's great in school - pretty well respected on the playground but will he ever be fortunate in love? Only time will tell...

Time could have been kinder to David, that might be true, but he's certainly not the worst outcome that we could have been facing, despite him only being a spare in scope of the project regardless. He's inherited the athletic trait of course, and then gone on to develop neat and the aspiration of "The Curator", which is something I've not played around with before and will see him take up some interesting tasks, that much is for sure! I'm still not particularly sure on what to do with his character development in terms of a job etc, though I do suppose that is quite some time away still yet! The first teen of 5, he's definitely going to be a bit of a tester for things to come!

Outfit Spoiler

Rose - "The Dreamer"

Rose has quickly risen from being a bit of a pain in the backside for me in the early stages, to becoming a character that I'm liking more and more. She takes after her mum in appearance, that's for sure, and she already seems to be well on her way to big things just like Lily. It's not just the floral names they have in common - the Active trait is also Rose's main one for now, though she differs in her ambitions to be an artistic prodigy - something her father must have snuck in somewhere! My main aim for Rose though is to be our "back up" heir - despite how much I long for her to be a mainstay in my legacy playthrough. I envisage her going onto to work as a scientist, and her grades seem to be high enough to see her excel in the same kind of area as her mother before her. She also has a quirky taste in shoes...

Outfit Spoiler

James - "The Lady's Man"

Just when everything seemed so calm and relaxing little JB comes rolling round the corner with his crew. James had a relatively quiet childhood and didn't particularly stand out, being just 1 demanding mouth of 3, but sure enough little kid cool is in town. He's got the same ambition and trait as his older brother though likes to act upon them and can often be found spending time his siblings are at the computer, doing press ups or sit ups on the kitchen floor to work up an appetite. I predict James will probably be the first to "hook up" and move out, though whether it'll be for good as the little heart-breaker weaves his web, only time will tell...

Outfit Spoiler

Richard- "The Mischievous"

Ever heard of the saying "a clown in a businessman's suit"? That's because I made it up when considering James. He's the kind of kid that spends his weekends flossing in the background of news shoots, with his pampered clothesline in a whole host of different colours. His wardrobe kind of describes his character too - a clever child with a tendency towards mischief, and boy do his siblings know it! He's got a lot of plot line ahead of him, and I imagine that it'll be full of crazy and wonderful stories; an education that could see him at Clown School or Cambridge, who knows?

Outfit Spoiler

Niamh - "The Future"

Currently just a toddler, Niamh is the future of the save. The "Chosen One" from the family, to become the heir and to take over the household, she sent me into a girlish squeal when she emerged from the cradle with the flamboyant hairstyle and clothes (that I've hardly altered) to match. Then, as if the game were placing a huge red marker above her head (although that may have been because I clicked on her character model), it handed her the toddler trait of "Angelic". Having grown up now, she has been given by the holy power of randomness the Social Butterfly ambition with the active trait (no surprise). She was basically a wonderchild, the kind every parent wishes for and the cutest little ball of mucus I've seen on this game. She has two different directions that almost wholly depend on the next few age phases; she could become the quiet, shy character that sits at the back of the classroom doodling in a sketchbook, hoping the day draws to a close so that she can get back and tend to her collection of frogs. Or she could be the one to leave the boys drooling. As for right now though she's got an eye for school and building up some academic success. One of my objectives with her is that she will become a gardener/florist with her own business but I've not played around with that all too much just yet, though the plans are coming together slowly.

Outfit Spoiler

Gregory - "The Shadow"

So at some point I just had to include someone in the Doctor's line of work called Gregory as a tribute to my favourite TV show of all time (House). Gregory is still in a crib at this point in time but will definitely be making appearances in future updates. He'll be a bit of a mummy's boy unlike the character of Gregory House, though, as she holds a key to his future - the power of knowledge and experience. I've tried to bring this through in his wardrobe selection but there really isn't a whole lot that I can do with the limited range for kids, but during his teen/adult years the shirts will definitely be a mainstay!

Outfit Spoiler
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    edited September 2018
    Ok - little pre-update as I forgot to give a house progress in the previous post but I guess I can use this as the post where I show off the house (still contemplating just changing a few posts and keeping them up to date so that people can keep track of what's going on a little easier, but I'm not sure).

    I know it's not much to look at but it's efficient for me to get around and I have a lot more planned and there are improvements about to be made (I'm looking at installing an underground gym for the fitness problems the family seem to be enduring as well as other smaller bits). I'm a bit of a "chunker" when it comes to adding things. Rather than going willy-nilly into and out of build mode, I wait for there to be a whole room that needs adjusting (most recently the kitchen) and then change up the whole thing, spending a good stint of time upgrading and getting things right. It's nothing I'm proud of yet, though it's solid foundations towards where I want to be with the house. I think when Niamh takes over I'm going to do a huge overhaul, but that's some way in the future still yet and the urge may strike me sooner!

    From the Outside

    First Floor

    Second Floor

    Gnome Invasion

    A note on the latter: I have no idea why they keep giving me seeds. I'm not sure if it's intentional or a bug but they've not stopped! Pesky gnomes have been doing this for almost a year in game and I'm pretty sure they're still delivering them. Has anyone seen this before or is it just a standard feature I've never experienced due to seasons?
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,864 Member
    @Burd oh wow the seed packets almost look like artwork! The gnomes will not stop giving you seed packets (at least in my experience). To prevent this happening I always just go into build mode, drag the gnomes int9 the family inventory and sell them.

    Also, your family sound really interesting! It’s cool that you gave your founder your own surname. The house looks really homely too.
  • BurdBurd Posts: 28 Member
    @Burd oh wow the seed packets almost look like artwork! The gnomes will not stop giving you seed packets (at least in my experience). To prevent this happening I always just go into build mode, drag the gnomes int9 the family inventory and sell them.

    Also, your family sound really interesting! It’s cool that you gave your founder your own surname. The house looks really homely too.

    The seeds make me wish that I had started in the middle of my lot - their pattern is amazing, I have to admit. Thanks for the tips, I actually think it might be time to take a day on holiday (in-game and out) and open them all and get rid of the gnomes however, I feel like it could even be exploited so you have never-ending money making which is an interesting point. I think I have enough to get 1 or 2 of Gen 2 to take an interest!

    Homely is what I was after - I'm glad it comes across lol - up next is building the gym!
  • BurdBurd Posts: 28 Member
    Gym Update

    So here's the gym, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!



    I've set up a rather large amount of equipment for the number of people in the house - but I'm a sucker for symmetry in odd ways (yes I know the rest is a clutter-fest!)


    A quick view from the outside and back of the house - not included last time.


    The front of the house after a few changes. Pardon the pun, but I'm kind of seeing whether the plants will "grow on me" given the fact that I've started considering a career in gardening (and maybe her own business) for Niamh!
  • BurdBurd Posts: 28 Member
    Opening post edited to show Niamh and Gregory since they aged up to child and toddler respectively!
  • BurdBurd Posts: 28 Member
    A quick update regarding Tetsu (the father) - he has now moved into the elder stages of his lifetime! Original post has been improved to reflect this, as well as (of course) an attire showcase for the silver fox!
  • BurdBurd Posts: 28 Member
    Another brief update into Lily - our starter sim - as we look at her age up to adulthood, her weight loss and career as it stands. She's quite the lady!

    Tomorrow I'm hoping to show off the shed and garden area around it but of course it will always be changing so won't "hold true" for too long. I'm happy with the setup though.

    Tomorrow will also bring the teen years of a few of our children...I might need to expand the house a little...
  • BurdBurd Posts: 28 Member
    Updated the original post regarding David and his age up to become a teen! There's still more to show in terms of the shed and some expansion of the house, but I've run out of time for taking screenshots, uploading them and posting etc. (you know how it is - you get playing for "a few days" and end up with an age up you forgot about and the other kids' birthdays looming...)

    Tomorrow I'll bring those updates and more likely than not the ageing of at least 1, if not more, children, and I believe that the age up for our last child, Gregory, who is currently a toddler, is just around the corner too!
  • BurdBurd Posts: 28 Member
    edited October 2018
    A quick update as Rose has now aged up into a teenager and she's almost a splitting image of her mother in her younger years! She has taken on "The Curator" as her main ambition and cat lover as her other trait to accompany her active lifestyle! She'll be hitting the treadmill and pulling some weights so that I can get a good comparison between her and her mother - I'm a little too interested to see how similar they might look right now!

    Further to that here's the house and the shed! I've not progressed far with the shed given the current lack of interaction ability with Niamh but we shall see how things progress!


    Fountain and house:

    Outside of Shed:

    Inside of Shed:
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