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Shipwrecked! A new Sims' gameplay challenge

Hi everyone, If you like building lots, and playing the game with a challenge this may fulfil those interests.

I have created a new gameplay challenge that involves playing the game, and building lots. If you want to give it a go, I'd appreciate any constructive feedback and suggestions. I'm already testing it and the link to both the challenge rules and my first chapter are below.

** I shall add each chapter as I finish it here **

Shipwrecked! Challenge information and Rules

Shipwrecked! Chapter 1
Shipwrecked! Chapter 2
Shipwrecked! Chapter 3
Shipwrecked! Chapter 4
Shipwrecked! Chapter 5
Shipwrecked! Chapter 6
Shipwrecked! Chapter 7
Shipwrecked! Chapter 8
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