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Would you use Sims Build Mode for Real-Life Designs?

astera00astera00 Posts: 267 Member
edited September 2018 in The Sims General Discussion
I really enjoy building in the sims and occasionally I build rooms and houses that I would like to live in. Sometimes realistic, sometimes fantasy. Then I started wondering, if I were to move house or remodel in real-life, would I build something I like and show it to an architect/builder/interior designer?

Sometimes it's difficult to describe what you're after and trawling through multiple websites and magazines can take time, so wouldn't it be easier to just build something yourself as a guideline? There are specialist programs for this, but you need training to use them and you would just be giving instructions to whomever was operating it while they have no visual. Instead you could just build something yourself, maybe floorplans/interior layout/decorations/garden and just show them. Then they try to replicate it with realistic measurements and see if it works. Of course they'll weigh in with their expert opinions on what's possible, regulations that need to be followed, materials needed, cost, improvements based on their experience, etc. etc. but they'll see exactly what you're after.

There are limitations of course, because we don't have a full variety of building tools like you would in real-life, but at least you have an outline with some details. It's a good starting point.

So my question is, would you do this? Has anyone actually done this in real life? If so, how did it go? If you work in this sort of profession, what would you think if a client gave you a Sims build as a guideline? I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and answers :blush:

Would you use Sims Build Mode for Real-Life Designs? 22 votes

Yes totally! No shame, I love design
HejixaprilroseWritin_RegmlmeadowsPapayaSkychojrakOldeseadoggeChazzzyBubbz3388GamingTweetyracheybop91HistoricKiwixamira99MindsimscreateAriaMad2RamofMerryDeathmiandallas 17 votes
Yes, but I'd be embarrassed as well
amazingBunny612Leosims 2 votes
No. I would like to, but it's too embarrassing
No. I'm not picky enough to design my own place
MaggieMarley 1 vote
Other - discuss
CupidVershner 2 votes


  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 3,407 Member
    edited September 2018
    Yes totally! No shame, I love design
    I read that Ths Sims started off as an architecture program in the beginning and later the creator wanted to see how people could live in the designs so they added them and then it sorta took on a new life after that.

    And yea there are professional programs and apps you can download so you can create your own designs without needing anyone else. But if I needed to do a design and didn’t feel like drawing it freehand, then sure why not. I could see it being more useful for like figuring out the layout of a home/blueprint kinda thing, not so much for furniture design. Maybe for furniture placement, where would a window go, carpet or wood floors... makes sense to me.
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  • astera00astera00 Posts: 267 Member
    Yes I heard that about the origins of Sims too. What a stroke of genius to turn it into a game!

    I meant for furniture placement when I said layouts, obviously we can't use for design since it's not something we can do in-game.
  • xamira99xamira99 Posts: 2,336 Member
    Yes totally! No shame, I love design
    Why not? :)
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  • CupidCupid Posts: 3,068 Member
    Other - discuss
    No, but not for either of the given reasons. I just think that architecturally, the game limits you in a lot of ways that you are not limited in in real life. I know you've said that it can be a good "starting point" but I disagree.
  • VershnerVershner Posts: 59 Member
    Other - discuss
    For interior design, like testing out colour combinations and arranging furniture, you could use The Sims, especially if you make CC of the wall coverings and furniture you want to use.
    For actual building design, I think The Sims is too restrictive to be of any use. Maybe it could be used for just testing out a few basic concepts, but I wouldn't bother showing it to an architect. Even the most basic hand-drawn floorplan with measurements is going to be more useful than a Sims design.
  • KathykinsKathykins Posts: 410 Member
    I don't see why not? As you said, its a starting point, at least. I'm not sure I would use TS4 as a "base", though. As has been said, its restrictive and also quite limited when it comes to colours and patterns. I'd use TS3 instead, where you actually CAN create your own patterns in any colours. Like if you have a specific wallpaper in mind for your new home, you can just add it. Sure, its not like in real life, but it will at least show the designer/architect/builder what you are after.

    Of course, you'd need technical drawings/floorplan as well.
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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 1,920 Member
    No. I'm not picky enough to design my own place
    *Or rich enough! Also not good enough with Build mode :)
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  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 687 Member
    Yes totally! No shame, I love design
    You bet I would!! It pretty much has everything I think I’d need to get a real house and would work well for that purpose!
  • PapayaSkyPapayaSky Posts: 174 Member
    edited October 2018
    Yes totally! No shame, I love design
    Sure would. My best friend is an interior designer and her biggest complaint about clients is that they usually don't know what they want. While the measurements are way off, designing what you want in TS4 and then letting your architect "walk" through it to get a feel for where your head is would be pretty helpful, I think.
  • HejixHejix Posts: 941 Member
    Yes totally! No shame, I love design
    When I moved in my first apartment, I made it in the sims to see where my stuff would fit. It was quite small. It worked like a charm in rl.
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