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The Rose Masquerade, Chapter 19 (5-27-19) {A Bachellorette Challenge}


  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,327 Member

    Name: Tristan O'Leary

    Age: 30

    Occupation: Botanist

    Traits: Creative, Perfectionist, Loves the Outdoors

    Favorite Color: Green

    Backstory: Sup, name's Tristan. I'm a botanist, which I really enjoy doing. As far as jobs go, it pays alright and the work's pretty good. I've always been passionate about plants ever since I was a kid, so my parents pushed me to pursue a degree in biology. We didn't have much, so I went to Sim State (go Llamas!) on a partial scholarship while also working as a waiter at a Landgraab's. I'm not at liberty to say much, but I can say that after what I've seen, I won't be eating there ever again, hahaha.

    Now, my dad, he's a descendant of Irish immigrants who settled in New England back in the day. And for a while he was sent by his job to South Korea for a few years, which is where he met my mom. They got married there, and that's when they had me. When I was 5, we moved back to Simerica in the Midwest. I also have 3 younger sisters.

    What else? Oh, apart from tending my own garden, I like to sketch in my free time! Landscapes are a particular favorite of mine. Also, why do I have so many ninja masks on hand? Best not to think too hard on it. ;)

    Ideal date: Oh, that's easy! We'd go to the park around a huge lake when it's late at night and there aren't that many people. We'd go for a walk and just chat, maybe sit by the lake and go stargazing. We'd bring some food and wine along as we bathe in the light of the night sky. Oh, and bug spray!

    Hashtags include #IrishSong and #RoseMasquerade
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  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,406 Member
    @Brei714 Yours is the only sim I can't find on the gallery. What's he under?
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,406 Member
    Alright, I've housed everyone! If you haven't submited your sim yet, you still can, but they're not going to get a handy-cap!
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,428 Member
    Looking forward to seeing this story get started.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,406 Member
    I want to post, but I'm only really available on Monday and Tuesday. Sometimes in the evenings. So fingers crossed that we'll see something by tuesday.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,406 Member

    The Gents still in the running:

    Chapter 1
    The contestants all arrived on monday night, each of them anxious to know who else was apart of the game show and wondering what the girl they were fighting for was like.


    They didn’t do much talking as they were assigned their rooms and unpacked, and once they were organized, they didn’t spend long not in front of their gigantic tv screen.



    Rose woke up on Tuesday morning with a headache that comes from intense crying the night before. It had been three days since she had walked away from her boyfriend and his mistress, and the hole in her heart still had very sharp edges.

    “I should have never called that stupid sadness hotline.” she uttered to herself as she pulled herself out of her bed. “They’re the ones that signed me up for this. If I saw them, I’d give them a piece of my mind…”

    Rose wanted to go back to sleep and feel hollow, eat icecream, and stare t the wall for a few hours, but the studio was insistent that she be dressed and made up by 8. The dresses they had sent by were puffy monsters that hung in her closet, and she would need some help getting them on.

    But she would wear a smile, she told herself. After all, it wasn’t these men’s fault that she was humiliated. They wanted a chance at love, even if she didn’t believe that it was what was best for her right now. She wanted a date with ice cream, not a man, a this point.


    “All right, Rose is about to arrive at any moment! I need you all to sit on your stools and stay in order. We will be going down the line so no skipping, no double visits. Play it by the book, boys. And, here she comes! Adam, you’re up first!”



    Two couches had been arranged in the foyer to support the meet and greets. At first the studio had wanted to use single chairs, but it felt a bit too forced and inorganic. A nice purple was brought out for Rose, and a blue was used for the men.









    The contestants breezed by, each more interesting than the last. The only one to make a negative impact was Hezakiah, insulting Rose. She took it in stride, and kept on going, but it was a shock, nonetheless. Maybe he was just jetlagged? Or the storm outside was bothering him?









    I like this picture. It’s like he farted or they are all asking him how his interview went. Or why he's wearing a dress. I love it.




    Alright, Rose, you got this. I know that you want to go back to bed and never see another person again so they can’t hurt you so badly, but a deal’s a deal. We said we were looking for love, and gosh darn it we’re going to find it!

    The schedule for the say was rather relaxed after the very structured day before. Rose arrived in her finery and simply tried to talk to everyone. With so many people in one house, it can be hard to get to everyone, but Rose did her best.












    Alright, time to get personal! Or almost time. It’s time to vote for the first date (possibly second, depending on a few factors)! Follow the link and cast your vote!
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,428 Member
    A great start to the story. Also voted for the first date subject.
  • Skcaga6Skcaga6 Posts: 3,399 Member
    I love my little Fairy boy. lol
  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 11,734 Member
    Interesting start. I wonder how it will go on :)

  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,327 Member
    Oh dear, Hezekiah. :0 I wonder if he can recover from that
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,406 Member
    Of course the vote is an 8 way tie... :lol:
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,327 Member
    Randomizer? :D
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,428 Member
    icmnfrsh wrote: »
    Oh dear, Hezekiah. :0 I wonder if he can recover from that

    I want to see what happens next with good ole Hezakiah. Maybe he'll recover or maybe he'll erupt spectacularly.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,406 Member
    I'm really looking forward to the new pack coming out, though I probably won't use the new world very much.
  • lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 17,781 Member
    Irishsong wrote: »
    Of course the vote is an 8 way tie... :lol:

    Of course! You should ask us not to vote for our sims. lol
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  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,327 Member
    Irishsong wrote: »
    I'm really looking forward to the new pack coming out, though I probably won't use the new world very much.

    I think it's alright, but I'd be more excited if the world were bigger and it had more than just acting. I mean, Superstar came with 9 lots filled with stuff like spas, sushi bars, and multiple studios for acting, singing, and modeling. GF has 11 + the uneditable studio lot, although to their credit, the acting career is more fleshed out. Right now I'm firmly in the "wait for a discount" camp.

    Also, I didn't vote for my own sim. :D
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,406 Member
    Still better than first pet.

    A winner was chosen, but I think in the future I'll ask that people not vote for their own sim. Just spices it up a bit.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,327 Member
    Oh, definitely. Anything is better than MFP. I don't want to support that kind of business practice
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,406 Member
    Hey, I know we're all itching for a new chapter, but it may take a while. I'm busy getting my costume ready for Halloween, and I'm knitting for a craft fair on the 10th, so the chapter will come, but it's going to come slowly.
  • lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 17,781 Member
    That's ok! I'm sure it'll be great!
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    Lovesstorms's Stories
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,406 Member

    Chapter 2
    Gents in this chapter:

    The producers said that the vote had been quite close, but there was a winner over all the rest, and what the viewers wanted, they got.

    The air was chilly on the day, at the bay in Brindelton Bay, but where Rose had not been granted long sleeves, her date was dressed head to toe in black and navy, probably quite cozy.


    “Ok, when you turn around, you have to promise not to laugh at me…” Rose cautioned with a laugh in her voice.

    “How bad could it be? I wear a mask to cover my identity, I’m sure that whatever you’re wearing couldn’t be half as bad.” Nathaniel directed over his shoulder. Rose absentmindedly rubbed her fingers together while trying to come up with a reasonable response.


    “The studio made me wear a costume to the date.” she explained. “Apparently I have to dress up for everything because it’s a masquerade. Ok, now don’t laugh….”

    He turned around to see Rose in an old-fashioned dress and hat, complete with gloves. Rose saw his eyes crinkle in laughter, but he didn’t make a noise. “You look quite… nice. You look nice.” he successfully said without giggling.


    “That’s what your grandmother says when you’re going to school with silly shoes. Not always what you want to hear from your date.”

    “Fair enough” he commented.

    “Now then, where have you taken me? I’m sorry about the late start, but you wouldn’t believe the time it takes to get this outfit ready.”

    “Well, I’ve never gone skating, I was hoping you’d join me and we’ll see who learns the fastest.”

    Rose’s heart fell a bit as she looked at the rink. “That sounds lovely. You go first? I gotta get my shoes on.”

    “Sure, I’ll meet you out there.” he said, skating away.

    He wasn’t very good, Rose noticed. He nearly fell before Rose even touched the rink, which she found humorous.


    “Oh I can’t laugh at your outfit, but you’re going to laugh at my skating?” He shouted over to her.

    “Let’s be honest, if you can smile at my outfit, I can smile at your skating.” She quibbed back.

    “Then show me what you’ve got, Rose! We’re all beginners here!”

    “Well, let’s see…” she said, and as soon as she got on the smooth wood she nearly fell herself, and it took a few circles around to get used to it.



    “Aren’t we a mess. Good thing no one’s watching.” Nathaniel commented.

    “Oh, too bad no on is… because only one of us is a beginner.” she smiled as she raised her arms and pushed away from him.



    As the sun went down, the two of them went to the edge and took off their skates.

    “How did you do that? Earlier you looked like you were unhappy to skate, and I thought that you just hadn’t tried it before. You're quite good, why don’t you like it?” Nathaniel asked, a bit out of breath.


    Rose took a deep breath. “I know how to skate because my ex and I used to.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t mean to bring that up, I should have chosen another idea for a date”

    “No,” she looked up and smiled, feeling the cold air tingle in her lungs. “I’m having fun. What’s next?” she asked.

    “Well, you would have no idea how I kept this together in my pocket, but I have a gift for you. A rose for-”



    “A rose for a Rose. If I had a dime for every time I have heard that one…” she rolled her eyes.


    “I’m sorry?” Nathaniel asked, somewhat offended.

    “Oh, no! Not like that. I love it, but I work in a flower shop, Rose’s Bloom. ‘A rose for a Rose' is a popular dad joke in the store, so it’s kinda old. But I find it’s the thought that counts.”

    “Oh, ok.” he rubbed his arms. “I'm freezing, want something warm to drink?”

    “Yes please!” she said, happy to change the topic to happier things.

    He walked up to the little hut that resided in the corner of the lot. “Hi!” he said to the attendant. “I’d like hot chocolates-”



    “Put extra whip cream on both of those, and to go tops would be great!” Rose jumped in, making sure that it was the way she wanted. “Sorry to interrupt, but I love whip cream.” she apologized.

    “Nah, don’t worry about it. Let’s sit down.”

    The two of them sat down on the love seat and to chat. “Do you like the autumn?” Rose asked.


    “Well,” he started. “I think I like summer best, because-” because women wear the least clothing- “everyone is happier, I suppose. No one is complaining about the weather, no one is irritable. No one is dying because of the cold, and the sun is shining warm enough to enjoy it. And you can do anything. Go to the beach, swim, travel…”

    “You can do that any time of the year, if you want to. If you want to swim, go somewhere they have one indoors, if you want to go to the beach, it’s still there. And travel, you could have all three of those together at the same time if you choose your destination right.”

    They sat in thought for a while, sipping their drinks, thinking about the world.

    After a not too long period of time, Nathaniel spoke up. “Speaking of destination, there is somewhere I want us to go. Come with me?”

    “Sure.” Rose answered as she threw her cup into the recycling bin.


    He led the way there, not looking back to see how far away Rose was. They jogged down the walk a ways, and Rose was happy she wasn’t wearing a corset like the studio had originally wanted her to.

    Nathaniel lead her to a beautiful little place with a decorated arch, very much like people would use for a wedding. Rose hoped he didn’t plan on proposing. Did he want to be eliminated so soon that he was going to pull drastic measures?

    Rose joined him and shivered. It was even chillier along the water than it was at the rink, and Rose didn’t know how much longer this date could last if she was freezing.


    Nathaniel noticed she was cold and gave her a hug, transferring some body heat. “This is weird, but you smell nice.” he muttered into her hair.

    “You do too.” she said. He smelled like men’s cologne, something that as a child Rose didn’t think she would ever find attractive, but it was, and to have a guy hug you that smelled good was a large perk.

    The pulled away from each other, and Rose jumped into conversation, not comfortable with silence right now.


    “So why are we standing in front of a wedding arch on our first date?” Rose asked lightheartedly.

    “Well, this may get a bit deep, but I’ve never really thought about marriage seriously and a while back I passed this place and wondered if I ever would. Maybe if I brought a girl here and really looked at it, I may make up my mind, but I’m not sure anymore. If I just look at it with you here....”

    “Nathaniel, a marriage is a relationship between two people, not just a one sided idea.” she explained, thinking about her own parents in Windenburg. “As many ideas you have about it, none of them may come true. All of them may come true. It’s different for everyone.”

    “Rose, I didn’t think I would feel anything when I looked at this arch again. It’s an architectural strong point, it’s visually pleasing, but with you, in the moonlight,” he picked up her hands, “it looks almost romantic.”


    With that, a car horn beeped from the road, and he took off running, leaving Rose at the altar of an empty bay.


    I realise that I may have made their date sound like it was unpleasant, but they actually had a very nice time! Think of their banter more like sharing their minds and less like disagreeing.

    Also, Some bloopers! Look who desided to not wear pants.



  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 11,734 Member
    Oh wow my sim won the vote :open_mouth: That’s awesome!
    I was a bit scared the date went bad but luckily you added the note at the end. I hope that’s a huge plus for him :p

    Rose‘s costume is beautiful tho! No reason to feel ashamed ;)

  • lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 17,781 Member
    What a lovely date they had. :) Rose was absolutely beautiful! <3
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  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,327 Member
    The date was definitely nice. And Hezakiah not wearing any pants is a total power move. :joy:
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  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,428 Member
    Now I want to know the story why Hezakiah thought the world needed to see his birthday suit. As for the date, it seems like they had a good time.
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