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Looking for the best Simulation Lag mod that won't clash with MCCC.

Just not sure which Simulation Lag fix is being updated regularly and definitely would like to know it should work alongside MCCC.
Can anyone help, please?


  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 3,886 Member
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  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 5,976 Member
    @paradiseplanet. Nope, but I will. Thanks for the link B)
  • floridameerkatfloridameerkat Posts: 717 Member
    I tried this one, and it actually seemed to make the lag worse. Sims would constantly just stand around doing nothing for much longer than they did without the mod, even though they had actions queued up. I removed the mod and things got much better, but, obviously, there's still lag. The comments on the mod imply that others are not having much luck with it either. Are there any other simulation lag fix mods?
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  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 5,976 Member
    Hey @floridameerkat. I thought there were because there is a lot a talk (google search) and there are three available on modthesims. Closer inspection reveals them to be older versions of the same mod (albeit by different moders)

    I ended up removing it pretty smartly from my game too.
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