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Mobile Mod app and for Sims Freeplay and Sims Mobile with a EA Approved Mod Gallery

Hi EA Support Team ,
We have two mobile games we can mod on PC Sims 4 has a Mod Gallery including for adoptions.

I be willing to pay with a Google play gift card for a Modding app they can only mod whats already in the apps meaning they can only Mod Simgurus Models like babies in Sims 4 we could mod a baby or create code to function new ideas now our Modders would have to wait 7 businesses days before there mod is added to the mobile gallery we want things that are moded be apropriate.

Next in this gallery clicking on the bassinet you have a gallery of adoption of cute babies you can adopt.

Creating a mod app for mobile phones would take sims to an entire new level.

Now for modders I have a question what do you consider legal or what breaks the rules I am new to this mod thing on my pc so I'm confused mobile say if I just want to design baby wear for my babies would this be legal?

I feel like its in-between Ethical hacking and Illegal Hacking we need Ethical hacker to help make sure companies products are safe so we can protect EA and others.

What is the rules and whats wrong and right?
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