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Confirmed: No September Patch Folks



  • jackjack_kjackjack_k Posts: 8,601 Member
    This is VERY concerning... especially since there are STILL several major bugs in the game that have been there since 'Seasons'. Despite the fact that they've had like 5 patches since then, they still haven't fixed a lot of the bugs that literally make the game unplayable and/or impossible to fully enjoy.

    I'm disturbed by the fact that the developers seem to prioritize introducing "really fun free stuff" (as they like to call it) over fixing the problems the game already has. To me, that just says they really don't care about us.

    In the game's current state, there's no point in "really fun free stuff" when you can't even play the game without experiencing bugs 99% of the time. I mean, what's the point of adding ANY kind of content when the game is broken as it is!? Also, it's likely that the "really fun free stuff" will only add more bugs to the game... yay!

    "We know the game is broken and there are many bugs to fix, but here's a free outfit nobody asked for! Also, let's add some new hairstyles that are just re-textured versions of what we already have! And, to top it all off, here's a new pack that looks really fun, but will bring in so many bugs to the game that it won't even be playable! And when you ask us to fix these issues, we'll just give you more free stuff, instead of fixing the actual problems!"

    ^ This is basically what they're saying by ignoring the bugs that are currently in the game and not even addressing them at all.

    What bugs is everyone even talking about? My game plays fine....

    Most (if not all) of them have been caused by 'Seasons'... unless you own that expansion pack, you probably haven't experienced them.

    1) There's a bug that causes Sims to come home from school/work during a holiday if another Sim travels to a different lot (or if you simply exit the game). This completely diminishes the option to choose whether or not our Sims have the day off during a holiday.

    2). The bug that causes pets to be extra needy still occurs (despite claiming to have been fixed). The queues still get flooded with pets wanting attention from a Sim. This often interrupts tasks the Sims are already performing (especially during meals). Sims will just stand up, walk over to the pet, and pet/hug/kiss them. It's autonomous.

    3). There's also a bug that causes Sims to randomly teleport around the room. It usually occurs when a Sim is doing a specific task (like doing dishes). And when a Sim teleports, they kinda just "reset" and the dish pile they were taking care of ends up on the floor somewhere.

    4) Another extremely annoying bug is whenever a Sim wants to simply chat with another, they'll stand up and hug each other EVERY SINGLE TIME. This never happened before 'Seasons'. For example, during a meal, all Sims will be sitting down... and if you simply wanna make one Sim start talking to another Sim at the table, they'll both stand up and hug each other.

    5) There's a bug that causes Sims to randomly freeze and just sit/stand there. Time will still progress, but Sims will literally just be stuck and not do anything.

    There are some others I've seen/heard people addressing, but I can't think of any at the moment. Either way, the developers are ignoring them and it's irritating. Especially when these bugs make the game almost impossible to fully enjoy. Also, some of them (like I said) completely diminish the purpose of specific features. It's ridiculous.

    I only have bug 3 on my PC.
    On my laptop, I have heaps but only Bug 3 and 5 from your list.

    I guess apart from 3, a lot of these are probably not universal bugs which make an it harder to fix.

    Laptop Mode is also a main culprit to a lot of visual, and routing bugs it’s insane. It breaks half the game.

    When I play on my PC, I have mild teleporting and an occiasional bug where Sims get invited out to a bar/club and they end up in a Vacation world and the game literally thinks they’re on Vacation and won’t let them go anywhere after except home.

    On my laptop, it’s literally bug after bug after bug. Teleporting is a HUGE issue, Sims also not using the nearest sink/fridge or whatever. Parts of the world disappear and come back randomly. The game will have Sims keep doing an action long after I’ve cancelled it. Ugh the list goes on.

    But I do respect the developers becuause non-Universal bugs are a bugger to fix because it only happens to certain people.

    But Laptop Mode being broken is universal and it shouldn’t take this long to fix it. That’s rather odd.
  • jackjack_kjackjack_k Posts: 8,601 Member
    @catitude5 wrote: »
    Evie0602 wrote: »
    I was hoping for more bug fixes :(

    When trying to fix one bug, they make more bugs. I'm good with less patches.

    I feel like people say this but there isn’t really much evidence to support this.

    What adds new bugs is new packs. Patches will add like 2 new bugs but fix over 30 and most of the ones they fix are ones not even fans have discovered yet apart from 1 or 2 people.

    The actual packs (and the pre-pack patches) are usually the main ones that bring a whole new library of ones.

    But the non-pack patches are usually always good.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,485 Member
    I'm not bothered as I am playing other games currently.
    I should be back into TS4 again by the time the next patch comes out.
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