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I belong to this group on facebook for sims 4 and there are so many people complaining about glitches, lag, freezing, etc. The normal stuff. Some swear they have no mods or cc and some say they have only a little. But clearly when you see MCCC last exception error you know they have that one at least. What I would like to know is where to direct them for the answers they need. A lot of them are saying they are ready to quit the game because of this problem and I hate to see family go. I am sure EA would hate to lose the money they will generate at some point too. Is there one place where they can get things sorted once and for all? I have mentioned taking cc/mods out and trying them a bit at a time. I have told them about the drama between three creators and to choose just one, I have told them to check their cc. I have told them to download the tray importer and use it. But they just go on and on and on. HELP!


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