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My idea on a NEW world: The Gran Canyon + rock climbing skill + hiking

I wanted to expand a bit further about the idea of the gran canyon and rock climbing idea. Searched some inspiring pics on the web and I would like to show them off with further explanation :)


I think the sims devs are great at doing stunning landscapes. Honestly the best from all the series are the sims 4 views and worlds to me. Im sure they won't disappoint if creating something like these:


Imagine walking through these walls of reddish mountains in search of the many activities for your sims. Just like in other worlds, there would be piles for archaeologists to dig in or to look for, there would be some unique gems for your sim to discover. Imagine that you have to climb a rock just to find that special gem other sims are talking about and you will have to find out which mountain that is, which caves to pass through and which ways to choose on a crossroad. I ones red that there are a lot of Amethyst stones around this areas in America. Even though they arent so unique, they always look stunning and I find them one of the prettiest stones!

It would also be cool of there are hidden waterfalls (some are small, some are bigger) and hot springs for your sim to discover, but only if he/she dares to rock climb or pass through scary tunnels. God knows what is hidden in them. Maybe you will have the option to either rock climb or go though the caves? So that the not so skilled sims, still get to go a bit further in the world.
And if sims could swim there, it would be great! They should definitely add the option to swim in the ocean too then. Imagine swimming in Brindleton bay too!! :open_mouth:


Just as Salvador, your sim can camp here and get prepared with all kinds of products to survive the wild. On this adventure it would need some different items of course. As well as high quality or extra secure rock climbing gear and poison for snakes/scorpions etc. The cheaper the gear, the more the risk maybe? It would make the picture complete if they added some rock climbing clothes and sets into CAS as well for you to choose from.
And of course the skills of your sim depend on the risk of falling too. We already have an item in the fitness category where sims can rockclimb. It would be great if they could gain skills from that to prepare for the trip. As well as some giant natural rocks in build&buy modus to place on lots where sims can climb on maybe? Cause a real mountain is always better! This is so that sims don't HAVE to go to this gran canyon to go real mountain climbing if you dont want to. They can also just do it safely (without the creepy snakes/scorpions) in any place in the world where you can create your own experience.
The further your sim goes into the gran canyon, the harder rock climbing becomes. It's up to you to take the risk and to ask yourself if your sim is skilled enough or not. I don't want the rock climbing to be done all fast and without the real experience feeling in it. I think some rocks should take long and have middle stops where your sim can rest and place their tent. They can decide if they want to go further or back. You know they can get tired or in need of other things. So imagine your sim is climbing for hours and you get this stunning sunset behind you:


I also think the rocks could be rated if you hover over them with the level of fitness and rock climbing skill that is required, so you can decide if you want to take the risk or not if your sim is maybe not skilled enough. I also think the fitness level should have some minor influence on their performance too, but mostly rock climbing skill should.

Some rocks that require higher skilled sims, need your sim to climb upside down. Maybe something like this?


I also think it would be great if at some point you get a glimpse of what is on the other side while you're climbing. You know, to get you excited to see what is there if you climb a bit further. It increases the adventure feeling.

I think in this way the world doesn't get boring, cause if your sim is just into rock climbing and not so much into exploring the mysteries that lay there, caves or whatever, you can still just go for rock climbing and upgrade your skill. There are many options to choose on how your sims wants to spend their time there.

I was also thinking about some other activities for them to explore. Like paragliding or bungee jumping off the rocks? Maybe there could be walking bridge to walk up to one mountain where these activities take place. You wont have to rock climb to get there, but you can.. if you want to. This rock to the activities will be at the beginning of the world and the further rocks and more adventurous rocks/caves are beyond that.
Maybe a walking bridge like this with a river flowing underneath it. Imagine hearing the sound of the wild water rushing down the canyon.

(FYI this picture in a Hidden valley in Turkey. I have been there last summer and it inspired me! You walk through low water and small caves. Sometimes you need to swim cause the water is higher at some parts and in the end you can decide if you want to climb a rock or just walk back. This would be cool too in the game!)

The paragliding would be done where you see your sim take off and just follow him/her with the camera option. It will make some great pictures and you get a bird view on the area. Maybe a tiny little glimpse of the hidden valleys as well? It won't be cheap, but makes a GREAT experience for your sim that last for days!
Bungee jumping would be the same, no skills required. They can either have a scary or amazing experience from it. Nothing too serious though. Just a bad or good moodlet/emotion from it. I think this should depend on their personality traits too and with chance. The self assured, active and insane sims won't have so much fear from this. But the gloomy, clumsy and Squeamish will. Let's get some action and real meaning in these traits! Why don't we implant the fearful emotion into this game along with this? It was needed anyway.

For the caves, i think most of them could work the same as what we have in Salvador now, where you pass through the cut open fence and come to face a decision to make. You come out on the other end and enter a new area. For other caves, i think some of them could be just to pass through normally.
Maybe some as i mentioned above about the Hidden valley in Turkey where you pass through water.


It would be cool if there is place to open your tent in some caves. Closed caves that look like these to spend the night:


Let's talk historical now. Just like in Salvador, I think there should be some mystery around this place. Maybe Native American influence. I once red a blog of someone travelling through places like these and there were myths and stories going around about time traveling and mysterious old half broken down ports that sometimes showed another dimension or world if you looked through it. And there were MANY amethyst gems to pick up from there. Places that look like these and mysteries to solve about history and stories that go around.


For the more family oriented sims that don't want to go on an adventure, but more to see the beauty of this world and taste some of the culture and Native American influences, there can be a main base with of course some little cabins to rent. How about a main base (like in Outdoor retreat) where you can open your own tent or buy one of the new tents: The wigwam! there can also be already wigwams placed for you to rent and sleep in. It is more of a community feeling since other sims will stay there too and you will have more contact with your neighbours. Maybe with a campfire in the middle and some new dances around the fire.

It would also be nice if there a little stores or more like the food trucks we got in City living where they have a more Aztec stalls feel to it and locals sell their goods and souvenirs to bring home.
I have to be honest that im always disappointed in the lack of activities to do in the sims games. Especially on vacation if your not going for the adventure. So, i think this main base should have loads of things to do for your sims so that they won't get bored and feel like they aren't welcome if they don't go rock climbing. And not those activities in Outdoor retreat where half of them is just your sims disappearing and 'doing' something like hiking or walking. I want to be able to experience this!

How about where locals/workers on this lot do random activities every night on this main base. One night it could be dancing and learning the new local dance around the campfire. The other night it could be just singing songs around the campfire. Just some activities to join and share the love with other sims. I think it's a good way to be social and meet other sims too!
Or a food fest where a whole table will be filled with local food and all the sims on the lot are being called to eat and join around the table with some nice cultural music playing in the back ground.
Maybe another night a mini concert with new local instruments and a band that plays new songs. In harmony of course and maybe with a singer. They should be dressed as locals and the music and vibe should give you that cultural feel. Your sim can listen, watch and dance to it.
Instruments like a hand drum, pan flute and that (banjo) guitar. Probably got the names wrong, but you get it :p

Maybe in the day there could be an activity to go hiking where you actually walk with a group of sims with those hiking sticks around the area. They rest sometimes and it gives you the opportunity to take some stunning shots, rest and enjoy the view. You would be able to interact and talk with other simmers while hiking. You can get out any time you like and just walk or run normally back to the base. Or you can join them anytime too. If you get behind, it wont matter, but you can just run up to the group and join them there too.

I also would love sleeping bags back! Where you can just open the bag and lay in it. Either sleep or relax and interact with others at the same time. Maybe you can read a magazine or look at the stars while laying in your sleeping back. That would bring a lot of fun too!

[These are CC and actually functional sleeping bags that I just found. LOVE THEM! You can download them here]

It was so much fun writing this and I hope you took the time to read it and maybe add your ideas or thoughts on it. I REALLY REALLY hope this will make into a new pack and that someone will read this and like the idea. I love doing these threads and share ideas with pictures. Wish it would be a job at EA though xD Would go for it!
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  • DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 16,008 Member
    We have a rock climbing wall that takes up a lot less space than a canyon.
  • leetammeleetamme Posts: 722 Member
    I think it's a good idea. I like the Grand Canyon, it's such a beautiful place and would be a wonderful world with your ideas.
  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,278 Member
    I would love it if they added a zip line. Also, I agree...usable sleeping bags should make a comeback.
  • TheGoodOldGamerTheGoodOldGamer Posts: 3,559 Member
    I wouldn't mind this. We already have the rock climbing animation so that alone could make it a more viable option since they could work that in instead of going from scratch. :) Could be a good way to tie in a lot of things, and I bet many items from Granite Falls would fit in nicely if you have that pack too.
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  • FurSimsOfficialFurSimsOfficial Posts: 1,172 Member
    I would love it if they added a zip line. Also, I agree...usable sleeping bags should make a comeback.

    Oooh yes! That one i forgot. I think that would make a great addition too! Zip lining across a wild river :o or pass some old broken bridges. Love that idea!
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