Is there a cheat for improving food quality?

So I sent my Sim to my restaurant in San Myshuno that has all the City Living foods because I'm trying to learn all the recipes. Unfortunately most of the recipes are Normal quality, including Pufferfish Nigri so my Sim died (I exited without saving -- I saved right before he requested the table so no real game play was lost. I'm not interested in owning or running a restaurant, just improving the quality. Any available cheats? If I have to I'll create a new Sim to operate the restaurant to get the food quality up, but that's going to take a while. :|
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  • kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,643 Member
    not a cheat itself, but a sim that either has maxed the cooking skill or completed the cooking ambition (i'm guessing the latter, but may not be) can 'garnish' dishes that are below excellent quality and bump them up to excellent or impeccable.

    you should also be able to add the 'homey' and 'chef's kitchen' lot traits to the lot. one makes the chef gain cooking skill faster (making sure they'll do better quality next time) and the other is supposed to make food quality better overall

    i'd suggest ordering everything but pufferfish nigiri from that restaurant and then picking that one up at a stall in san myshuno, since food from the stalls is always excellent quality
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    Placing Pufferfish Nigiri on restaurant menus is like playing Russian Roulette, you'll never know who's going to be next to drop dead! :D
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    Was not aware that food stall dishes are always high quality. -- thanks @kalaksed

    I do have a Sim that's maxed out both types of cooking skill, and his family isn't hurting for money; maybe I should have him tackle restaurant ownership. (He's currently in the mixology career and aspiration so has several days off a week where he can go and work on training. I'll leave the pufferfish on the menu and see if I can catch any unsuspecting diners or to kill off Sims I'm tired of playing. >:)
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    Never ever had excellent quality in food stalls. HOW??? :o - They are "normal", if I'm lucky, but never excellent.
    In restaurants I try to place deco for the "inspired" buff in the kitchen, which is supposed to be the best moodlet for cooking food.
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