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Can't have social media account with pet in household.

Since I added Cats & Dogs, I no longer can have a social media account if there is a pet in the household. I only have the option to have that Sims pet a gram thing, where you can take a snapshot of your animal. I find it totally useless. Has anyone else encountered this problem? ?
I've already reported it to EA's bug site& all they said is that they don't support modded games. Well then, that rots for more then half your players EA. Maybe if your game was actually playable with out mods so many players wouldn't rely on mods to complete their game.
Looking here for any clues as to why this is happening in my game.

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  • kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,531 Member
    sounds to me like it's a mod that wasn't updated for cats and dogs. may want to go back and check everything you use to see when their last updates were. when not updated, many can actually interfere with things that aren't even remotely associated with what they actually change in the game. and this is exactly why ea can't support modded games. there are so many mod and custom content creators out there that make so many things, there's just no way for them to even try to police everything. nor should they have to, since it's other people's creations, not their own

    here's a screenshot showing one of my teens having all the social media options, making sure to also show that they've got two pets in the household. which is why i'm figuring it's a mod conflict of some sort
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,579 Member
    Works for me too. Test it without mods.
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