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Linnsane's Lookbook

LinnsaneLinnsane Posts: 111 Member
Welcome to

This is the lookbook for the sims I make, here I will update when I make a sims that i feel is worth sharing, unlike my builds wich are CC free I do occasionally use CC in CAS, mostly for skin, eyes and makeup, whenever I do I will link to the page you can find these CC at :smile: I love to make sims of all nationalities, sized and ages! All comments are more than welcome and I appriciate constructive critiscm aswell! Enjoy :)

First off is Eloise Augestine
She is a French girl with a love for food, she loves gourmet cooking! But she is a bit of a snob aswell, she enjoys going to the museums to critice the paintings just for fun. She would be perfetc for the critic career. She also has a poodle with one blue eye and one light brownish one, Her name is Noel, she follows Eloise everywhere. Eloise is romantic and hope to meet someone eventually, but she will not settle with just anyone, Eloise is a natural beauty and has been told so many times to operate her nose, but she refuses, she loves it! No CC

First is everyday wear, then formal, then party and hot weather
Next is workout and her poodle Noel
Portret picture of everyday makeup, formal and party.
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