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Linnsane's Architectural Wonders - Builds without CC

LinnsaneLinnsane Posts: 111 Member
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Welcome to

I present to you my thread of awsome builds, made with love, creativity and imagination. My builds usually take some hours to build, but sometimes I also whip up something quickly. But I am a perfectionist at heart and won't settle for anything less than awsome in my eyes. I hope you all like my builds and you can download them on the gallary under the username:Linnsanegaming I also really appriciate a comment, constructive criticism is also more than welcome!

So I am from Norway so allot of my builds will be inspired from Norwegian architecture, but I also like to use my imagination and creativity to build whatever tickles my fancy, If you like gardening, fantasy, farming, historical and forresty themed builds without CC you have come to the right place :) Stay tuned!

Lers start this whole thread of with my Honeycutt Florist cottage wich is perfect for a couple or a singel sim that loves gardening and wan't to become a florist, there is also allot of other skill activities in this lot and you can work on woodworking, archeology, painting and guitar :)

With no further ado, here is Honeycutt Florist Cottage:












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