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Snow Chalet Quest

I am trying to complete the snow chalet quest and it's taking awhile. I have 32% complete with 7 days remaining. I'm afraid I won't be able to complete it in time. I tried completing it the first time it came out but I ran out of time. I'm hoping I can complete it this time.

Can anyone recommend tips or suggestions for completing this quest on time? When I can, I use multiple Sims at once to complete tasks but that's not always an option. Please help!!


  • EnderGamer87EnderGamer87 Posts: 243 Member
    I just saved up 200 LP and Quick Completed the tasks. I also looked up videos of what tasks were next. The quest might not comeback due to this being its second rerun and this is the first time they have repeated a Christmas Quest.
  • EnderGamer87EnderGamer87 Posts: 243 Member
    Used the cooking hobby and it took 2 hours to get 50 LP
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