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BB and CAS items not available?-Solved

MelmackMelmack Posts: 209 Member
Has anyone else had the pop up message when you load a household that (x amount) of build buy or create a sim items not available/ not purchased? I have gotten this message since my first load after the update. But I haven't noticed anything being removed or missing from my house. Not sure what going on, just wondering if anyone else has had this pop up.
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  • MelmackMelmack Posts: 209 Member
    Oh.. just noticed my hot tub has been removed. And I can't find them in build buy any more.. which is something I paid for... soooooo... :neutral:
  • Bluebirddevil5970Bluebirddevil5970 Posts: 392 Member
    This would be something you'd need to contact them about
  • MelmackMelmack Posts: 209 Member
    I know, I went to the report bugs page, then got frustrated trying to navigate it. I have get to work and just found out that all of magnolia promenade isn't even available. It says it needs to be installed, but then I go to my game settings and it says its installed. So I'm going to uninstall and re install my whole game and see if that works. Sigh.
  • DarkrosesimDarkrosesim Posts: 22 Member
    I had to do that before It was, such a pain
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 87,449 Member
    What did you do to fix the issue?

  • MelmackMelmack Posts: 209 Member
    Un installed and re installed the game. I honestly don't know if it was actually the update, because I figured out that my husband had plugged our external storage back into the back of the xbox so maybe that caused a conflict. Either way it seems to be fixed.
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