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100 Point Challenge! Season 1 "Let Us Know Who WINS in Your Game"

BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,539 Member
100 Point challenge! I have the start of Season 1, ep1 up on my YouTube channel at the moment! If you would like to get an idea of what it's about!

Season 1 Ep.1 My YouTube


Contestants House Download

Contestants Lot BG/GTW DOWNLOAD
Base Game & Get To Work ONLY

100 Point Challenge
Season 1
The objective is to get 100 points to win out of 8 contestant/sims!
You have 6 challenges you can do, you add numbers, 1 through 6 to randomizer or roll a dice or put them in a hat and draw one number each sim day, to see what challenge you do for that day!
You do 1 Challenge per day, for 3 days then take 2 days off! This is the leisure days, so your sims can do whatever they would like for these two days that don't pertain to levelling up skills in the challenges to have an advantage over the other contestant's! So they can throw parties, go out and enjoy the city or a quiet stroll through the park, stay at the contestant's lot and have a fun day swimming, yoga or dancing, or take your sims on a 2-day vacation to your favourite place! You can invite sims to the lot on leisure days! After the 2 days off your sims will continue the challenges! So the next day after leisure you draw your next number from the hat, to see what challenge your contestants will do! So you would draw a number for each of the next 3 days, then take off 2 days then draw for the next 3 days and so on till your first sim reaches 100 points! The first to reach 100 points is the winner!

Now for some Rules, because you know we all love them right?
1. All sims have to be new sims with no skill levels
2. All sims have to be Young Adult, Adult, Elder, or Teen's, You can't mix and match the age!
3. Give random traits or randomize all traits
4. No sims can leave the lot until leisure days
5. As far as clothing, make your sims however you like, cc can be used!
6. Lock all doors to the challenge rooms, so sims can't get an advantage over other sims
7. You can have 8 girl sims or 8 boy sims or mix and match till you have 8 sims
8. Do One challenge per sim day
9. No other sims are allowed on the Contestants lot unless its leisure day!
10. Don't level sims up in skills that pertain to the challenges!
11. Sadly if your sim dies while doing the challenges or for any other reasons, then they are counted out and you will resume with the sims you have left! If this happens (You may have another contestant plead for there life when the reaper shows up to claim them!) Then let the reaper decide if they live or die!
12. You don't need to control your sims when they are not doing challenges! If they start a challenge they are not up to par for then it should be their will to stop when they want! With the autonomy set to FULL, your sims will have free will, your sims should take care of themselves without your help!
13. Lifespan doesn't matter really, you can set it however you like! I have mine on Long!
14. When you get your sims on the lot, assign them to there beds first! Then you won't have trouble with other sims taking the wrong bed!
15. Hire repair services Or maids only on your leisure days!
16. If say two or more sims are left doing the challenge and they stop at the same time then give them both the 10 points for it!

NOTE: Keep your sims on Free Will so they can choose when to stop doing the task themselves! When you need them in a room for the challenge you can turn the autonomy OFF to get them in the room needed for the challenge, once they are in the room pause game set them up for the challenge and then turn the autonomy back FULL, so they will have free will!
OFF - Means you control everything your sims do!
FULL - Means yours sims have free will do whatever they want!

NOTE: Making your sims in case I didn't explain well, you would make 8 sims, boy or girl and they would all need to be Young Adult!
Make 8 sims boy or girl and they would need to be Adult!
Make 8 sims boy or girl and they would need to be Elder!
Make 8 sims boy or girl and they would need to be Teen!
again don't mix and match adult and elders or teens and young adults and so on! To be fair keep all 8 of your sims the same age group!

Now for the challenges
1. Treadmill - Who last the longest on the treadmill will be the winner of - 10 points!
2. Microphone - Who tells jokes the longest will be the winner of - 10 points!
3. Training Bag - Who last the longest on the training bags will be the winner of - 10 points
4. Writing - Who last the longest while practising writing will be the winner of - 10 points
5. Painting - Who finishes their painting first will be the winner of - 10 points, If a sim leaves without finishing the painting then they are counted out and will not receive any points for this challenge!
6. Powerfit - Who last the longest doing the power fit will be the winner of - 10 points

@Mmdrgntobldrgn has made up a wheel spinner with the challenge on them if you would like to use it to roll with!
The Sims 4/The Sims 3
Spinner Link

Tiebreaker (No Roll needed)
To break the tie in the case you have more than one sim with 100 points!
Rostrum Station - Who can debate the longest will be the winner of - 40 points (This challenge is Only for Tiebreaking!) So you don't have to use the Rostrum Station unless you need to break a tie between your sims!

NOTE If you Download the Base Game/Get To Work lot then the Tiebreaker will be guitars, who will play the longest for 40 points and ONLY to be used in the event of a tie between contestants that have reached 100 points at the same time!

Start your 8 sims on the lot I made! You can start your first challenge on the same day! Draw your number and see what challenge your sims will do! Do whatever number you roll 1 - 6 and have your sim do that challenge for that day! Next day draw another number, have your sim complete that challenge, next day draw your next number and have your sims do that challenge! After the first 3 challenge, take a 2 sim day, break, then start your challenges back and do 3 more challenge over the next 3 days and take 2 sim days off and then 3 challenges and so on, till one of your sims reaches 100 points! If you have more than one sim with 100 points then do the tiebreaker posted above!

On sims leisure days your contestants can hire a DJ and someone to cater food for them! They can then store the food that is left over to have to eat on the days the do the challenges! This can only happen on the leisure days though!

Optional House Rules for leisure days

Our dear @ADWilson came up with some house rules for leisure days, that you can use in your game if you would like!

Time to go on their outing!
(Addy’s Note: To see how location and activities are selected, please read House Rules.)

At the end of Season 1 and you have your winner, throw them a party to celebrate!

I will adjust here with Season 2 Rules if need be! If there are no Season 2 rules posted here then just use Season 1 Rules & Challenges! I'm thinking of adding another challenge for Season 2 to make it a total of 7 challenges!

Season 2
Season 2 and so on, you can at the end or the beginning of each new season, add a new challenge for the sims to do! This is not a must, so do only if you want too! Just remember to add the next number for the challenge!

Season 9
Season 9 If you happen to make it through season 8! Then for season 9, I would do this! Bring all the winners back from Season 1 through Season 8, to play against each other for Season 9 ONLY! It won't matter the age difference for Season 9! Let them compete to see who will be the champions of champs!

You are welcome to build a lot of your own if you would like! Just make sure to add the challenges listed above!

I may need to adjust some things as I play through the challenges! I will let you know of any changes taking place, so you can change them in your game!


The Sims 3 Challenge's are as follows

1. Treadmill
2. Mobile Radio Station
3. Power Max (pull up bar)
4. Writing
5. Painting
6. Power Fit (weight lifting)

If you would like you can switch out the Mobile Radio Station challenge to
Chess (Last Longest)
Sculpting (Finishes First)
Rock Climbing (Last Longest)
Keyboard (Plays longest)
Telescope (The sim who finds a celestial object first gets the 10)

Tie Breaker is
Guitar for 40 Points, ONLY to be used in the case where more than one sims reaches 100 points at the same time!

All the above rules apply to The Sims 3 Challenge also! Enjoy and have fun!

The Sims 3 Lot

Please feel free to share & add your links here to your challenge and if you make another lot or if you would just love to share what is happening in your challenge!

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