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Book Club - Promote Your Story & Find New Reads!

So I've decided to start a book club! Every week, everyone will have a story to read and comment on 3 chapters of and in return their story will be swapped with someone elses.

- Legacies and challenges are welcome.
- Comments must be at least two full lines and actually show your views/interest in the story. Pleaseee don't just pretend to do it, actually take the time to read. You'd want the same for yours.
- The partners will be changed every Sunday. If you guys want me to make the story swaps twice a week, let me know!
- When you're done, be sure to comment back here and let me know! I won't be running around after people checking, you just wont get another assignment.
- If you don't do your assignment, I won't give you another until you do. If you miss two swaps, I'll assume you quit and remove you!


Preferred Name:
Would you prefer 2 weekly story swaps or just the one? (it's currently just the one, I just want all opinions)

Hope this is allowed, it's a great way to share and discover each other's work!


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