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How does The Sims Mobile DNA work for Infants who are born?

Okay I have a Mother/ Alien Green Skin and pink hair + a Father / Human Light Skin Olive and Black hair both are Muscular and health conscious.

The question I have while I had one child with pink hair all my Infants, Adults are Human Skin not Alien is there a way for Babies to have different skin tones afterall how does the DNA system work for Sims Mobile.

Another question I have will I ever have vampire Kids or a Demon Child on The Sims mobile if so what do you have to do ?


  • mett5720mett5720 Posts: 6 New Member
    You know, I’ve been wondering this too. At one point I started to think that it takes the “DNA” of whatever sim you actually did the have a baby action with for skin? I’ve actually done a bit of experimenting with which sims have babies and now it’s all over the place. So I’m not even sure what it takes into account anymore because it’s been pretty inconsistent for me.
  • HeronyxHeronyx Posts: 31 Member
    I think that the DNA is somewhat random but preferential towards the human complexion because I have had two half human babies in different generations an both times the baby took the human skin even though the alien parent was my Sim and the human was an NPC.
    When I tried with two alien parents they get the hair of one with the skin of the other and the children looked different. Actually once the daughter took all of the dad's colouring but looked like the mother then the same mother had a baby by her husband's brother and he was a mix of the parents... With ugly features that he didn't inherit from anywhere. Again I think it's as random as a mathematical equations created by humans can be.
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