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Whats your favourite TS2 mods/downloads?

As the title says! Whats your favourite what cant you play on your game without?


  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,155 Member
    Seasons. :p

    Much of my stuff in my game now is from Cradle of Darkness site. Love grunge. And they extract a lot of stuff from the darker games such as one example only, FallOut etc. They are much darker in many respects to the bubble gum stuff I see being converted from TS4 to TS2. There is so much stuff over there from other games that I could spend all day there. :D I have some fav mods, but nothing dark other than the old mods I had to use for Star Trek stuff which allowed me to stun Sims or kill them etc. for Star Trek Stories, but haven't played those stories in a very long time (years).

    My mods add Sims where needed, allow me to control other Sims on lots etc. I don't use a lot of mods actually, other than once in a blue moon animation hacks/boxes if necessary for a picture or video, but rare now, since it's easier to do these things with editing than do all that set up.

    Buy clothes at home etc. if needed if I'm in a rush to do something else. Nothing too major that really alters much code other than to bring Sims to my lots and or control them until done with them. Because those can mess up code if I forget to stop controlling them and they run off to work at my Sim's house. lol

    Usually I find everything I need with the cheat spawners. :)

    My biggest downloads are meshes others allow me to retexture into a totally different outfit. Though I do have about 13GB of downloads but mainly for atmosphere (scenery and objects) and clothes/hair etc.
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,811 Member
    My favorite... non-mod would be the skin/eye defaults I've used for Years. The Sims don't look right without them now. :)
    Mod... I don't know. I have a lot I wouldn't like to run the game without. XD
  • BrindletonBrindleton Posts: 415 Member
    - Jawusa's empty neighborhood templates
    - Pescado's mods to limit townie populations
    - Honeywell's interior walls set
    - Honeywell's Bespoke build set
    - Michelle's recolors of Maxis objects
    - MogHughson's noticeboard that allows your sim to pick any job, not be limited ro the daily random 3/5 job options
    - mustluvcatz' tile corner column featured in their Simple Build Set

    These mods (besides Pescado) are on Mod The Sims :)
  • AJC20178AJC20178 Posts: 56 Member
    Great! I cant live without i think its moniques computer. Where you can buy from home/ set careers etc.
  • ArilyBooArilyBoo Posts: 324 Member
    I can't live without the No Adhd mod...for me that's the number 1 reason why my sims have kitchen fires...they put something in the oven and walk away. Also Anti-baby lecture...It's not the babies fault for pooing, stop lecturing them! lol. FFS Lot Debugger and Sim Blender are a necessity for me.
    Other ones I have which make the game more interesting is Higher Bills/Lower wages. I also have Risky Woohoo coupled with Quiet Pregnancy and Hidden Try to Baby menu...so my sims only have one option to WooHoo with a chance of pregnancy and it's always a surprise. Last but not least Pregnancy where any outfit is a must!
  • AJC20178AJC20178 Posts: 56 Member
    I to have sim blender, thats a good one, im thinking about getting the pregnant where any outfit, ita next on my list to try!
  • leefishleefish Posts: 15 Member
    I like to have the following
    Simblender by twojeffs
    Pescado clothing tool
  • NiqueseyNiquesey Posts: 5 New Member
    I think my all time favorite is
    I like making smaller homes (for smaller neighborhoods), this mod is a godsend.
  • AJC20178AJC20178 Posts: 56 Member
    Niquesey wrote: »
    I think my all time favorite is
    I like making smaller homes (for smaller neighborhoods), this mod is a godsend.

    What's this? Never heard of it :-)
  • leefishleefish Posts: 15 Member
    try simlogical.com
  • mommy19959699mommy19959699 Posts: 207 Member
    edited December 2018
    There are a few mods I have to play with to make the game flow better.
    For me they are:
    • windkeeper's mailbox, just the mesh
    • no salute (stops them from saluting when they greet guests)
    • 1 tile computer desks from honeywell (MTS) and a few other stuff from this person
    • no playable shoppers mod
    • Veranka's 4to2 easel set for Darren Dreamer - the entire attic in the Goth home gets dedicated as his work space =)
    • sometimes 'perfect garden' mod or the 'perfect plants'
    • 3to2 fences/gates
    • that lipstick set over at MTS that looks natural on all color tones (forgot what it's called but it's marked as a top item easily found)
    • bruno just shadow (MTS) or any make-up really that looks natural on sims instead of plastered
    • Global Mod - Enable Rent Furnished Apt.
    • simswardrobe before it closed: 1 tile pet beds, robot recharging station, and arcade machines with videos for them (just a few)
    • 3to2 Country Living set - blends in nicely with the furniture set that came with Seasons and I love using it for my families.
    • invisible driveway
    • Marvine's animated ladder
    • a few "no autonomous" mods like with the diary, baby swarming, pet obsession, jumping on bed for kids, etc. things that they do so often it becomes disruptive or dangerous for them (ex: kids jumping on bed and getting over heated causing social worker to show up and take them away lol).
    • speaking of... if I can remember, I will sometimes have the no social worker mod installed. Kid out playing in the snow? Ok then. Jumping on the bed? Ok. Worth it.
    • no relationship decay mod - highly recommend! There are other things to do besides make friends for the sake of promotions!
    • no witch at community lots
    • no red pause line, makes for better screenshots and I take a LOT
    • simnopke 20 facial sliders MTS
    • I'm a sucker for electronics, appliances, landscaping, cc free (medium sized) lots labeled clean meaning no sims have been in it (I think lol).

    Some programs I HAVE to have in every install:
    graphicsrulesmaker, CEP, multisims2pack extract, sims2packclean installer and sometimes i'll install homecrafterplus if there is a sims 4 floor I want to convert to sims 2.

    Things I usually stay away from:
    Hair, clothing, skin-tones, make-up and pretty much anything bodyshop. Back in the day it was a tragic nightmare in my downloads folder, but today I am too spoiled and real picky. If it's not high quality, i'll pass. The conversions are usually pretty nice though like the dresses with sentate heels and such. But I download clothing slowly because if you see a dress you want one or two colors in, you'll have to find them in like 20 options and I'm just too lazy for that.
    Clothes and hair are tricky finds. I have to make sure the clothes don't look painted on, the hair doesn't look like straw or odd sitting on the sim's head. If you take your time in this area though, you can get a solid high quality collection you're proud of. No disrespect to any creators, sims 2 wasn't as easy as sims 4 to create for.

    Many links to sims 2 content lead to inappropriate sites or viruses (edit: due to being an old link now) so I'd tread carefully and stick to well known sites. I also second that simlogical site metioned above from @leefish, it's one I visit regular to make simming in sims 2 easier.

    If you were looking for ideas, hope this helped.
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  • Noree_DoreeNoree_Doree Posts: 1,363 Member
    edited December 2018
    I use some of simNopke's mods like the shadow fix, the realistic genetics as well as the CAS sliders.

    I've had bad luck with mods recently so I'm trying to stick with what I already have on my laptop for the sims 2.
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  • AJC20178AJC20178 Posts: 56 Member
    Wow thanks
  • keanisims2keanisims2 Posts: 23 Member
    *clears throat*

    -Paul's Reaction Tester
    -Decogal's talking hack
    -Decogal's sitting hack
    -Skysims hair
    -Raonjena hair (even though the site is down now and you have to get them elsewhere)
    -TS2 studios

    That's all I can think of for now ^^;
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