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  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 12,731 Member
    Kathykins wrote: »
    I would love to see the date of the original post on the main page as you view the subject matter. Getting into the thread is the first place you see a date, sadly. And sometimes, people have already posted inside the thread, so that the time stamp is on the main page, making it appear current. This would greatly help people avoid the necro-posts, I believe. Thank you for your kind attention.

    I'd love the dates to be more visible within the posts as well, both the original post and any replies. If someone is searching via Google, find what they looked for and click the link, they will end up IN the post itself, not whatever forum/sub-forum that contains said post. The date of the post should be the first thing they see, it needs to be more clearly visible.

    If the threads are left open and not archived, someone is bound to post a reply even after months or years, and they end up locked anyway. Isn't it possible to set up the forum to auto-archive threads older than XX months? Make them read-only?

    @Kathykins, They did that about 3 years ago when SimGuruDrake was still here. She had it set up to lock threads that was from January 2015 and older that hadn't had any new comments in them at that time, but have since then decided against doing it like that as the threads over in the Creative Corners also got locked as well. And when that happened, we still had some of the original posters who had started a thread that they posted in for a while and then took time away from the forum that came back and wanted to continue to post in it found out that they couldn't. And when that happens, then the OP has to ask one of the community managers to unlock their thread so that they could continue to post in it and do updates on their builds/stories. So they decided to not to auto-lock the threads so that the threads over in the Creative Corners don't get locked as well.

    So the community managers would rather be informed when it happens so that they can look at them and decide for themselves if the thread needs to be locked. I have seen old necroed threads that wasn't locked as it could still be relevant to the players but most of the time, they've been locked. I have seen old necroed threads that was bumped by new members where the community manager might close the thread and have the new comment/s removed and placed into a new thread so that others can't post solutions to the older comments as some of us might not see the original date of the thread.
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