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Questions/Problems posting at Answers HQ (AHQ)

crinrictcrinrict Posts: 18,740 Member
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Hi Everyone

changes are upon us and all tech issues for PC/Mac as well as bugs should now be posted at EA AHQ. AHQ is just as official as this place is and you can just login with your Origin-ID. No new account needed. There's also no new member requirements so you can post pictures (upload at AHQ), links, create new threads without limitations.

To help everyone find their way around, I have started this thread: Welcome to the Sims Section of AHQ which should explain all the quirks of AHQ and help you find your way around. It's a work in progress though and I will add to it as issues arise. There's also a separate thread here for the bug forum: [INFORMATION] How does this forum work ?

If you have any issues posting, you have two options. You can either create a thread here: if possible or ask in this thread here.

I will try and answer all your questions as good as I can or forward if I can't help you.

I know it will all take a bit of getting used to but please keep it civilized.
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Please do not send me PMs/post on my wall if you're looking for help. I can't attend to those. You can find me at AnswerHQ.
How to report bugs at AnswersHQ
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