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Help, Game Won't Run After August 16th Patch!!

I just went to play my game, and got the new patch from August 16th, now I can't get my game passed the opening, where it says The Sims 4! It goes passed it, but to a white screen and stays there! Or it minimizes into a little inch and half thing with just the minimizing thing, the enlarging one and the closing one, where sometimes it will be stuck, and you can't go back to full screen!

I was all excited to see the new free stuff and to see if my sims really were going to start putting on the right clothes when going outside and coming back inside, but instead my game got broke!

I have been relaunching it over and over again, and nothing happens, and I have no mods, but even if I did they would be off now because of the update! So now they are going to have to put out a patch to fix this patch or something! Unless I'm the only one with this problem!
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