Friday Highlight August 17th - A week on The Sims forums

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Sul sul Simmers,

With the recent screenshot bug resolved I am expecting to see many more this week :smiley:
This week's screenshot comes from @SoulGal7 who shared with us a pic of their world best bowler: meet Thelma Twiddlethumbs <3

(I have to say that is also me bowling...)

So what happened this week? Well, I downloaded Laundry Day on my console, then downloaded an update for The Sims 4, changed Mage's hair do, watched a lovely stream and then ended up here :smiley:
What did you get up to between 10th and 17th of August?

I know you all created and participated in some great threads! Here are a few that caught my eye :wink:
  • As a follow up to a hugely successful "Dress Me" challenge @mcrudd followed up with ... "Dress Me Too". If you haven't yet, why not try out both B)
  • @AlbaWaterhouse started up a conversation regarding premades and what we all do with them. Jump in to share your thoughts and playing ways in "What do you do with premades?" poll.
  • Then follow that up with some screenshots! You all know I love screenshots...don't you? Anyways @LissyK9 had a great idea to start gathering and sharing some to showcase the offspring of the premades! Head over to "Pre-Made's Offspring" to share yours :smiley:
  • Moving on from premades to....Cheats! @Serendipity38 wants to know "Which cheats and why?". Jump in and share your cheating ways :wink:
  • I've really enjoyed sharing a few showcase threads over the last few weeks and I decided to find one for you all today as well! I bring to you @Wooldrop and their amazing creations in "Creations by WoolDrop". Let you eyes feast :smiley: <3
And that is that!

Keep sending me love in form of screenshots <3 ;) <3

Have a lovely weekend all!

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