How long should my rotations be?

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I have been meaning to get into rotations for a while now, and having a new computer, therefore new saves, seems like a perfect time to start. I just want to know how long you guys reckon my rotations should be. I am thinking about 1 week, but I am a bit worried that, as TS2 does not advance unplayed households ages, a week may be too long when it comes to keeping everyone up to date. How long do you guys reckon I should have it?


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    I have never played on a schedule. I play the entire hood (all my Sims). I jump around whenever the mood hits me, however, I do move around to age up some Sims to be the same age or younger/older than someone they may be involved with etc. Some people play for a week in each household (that would drive me crazy) because I want to know what my other Sim is thinking about their relationship/enemy/friend/partner who lives in a different house. I may play about three days in each until I get a whim to go find out something or change up what has been happening. But I like TS2 because those Sims in houses are on hold (sort of but out on community lots) but will be where i left them and fix whatever mess they have made with their lives. lol
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    The maximum time I play for is a season. If I want/need to switch a few days earlier I do. Depends on how many are in my rotation. My Royal kingdom save I play for four days because there are many toddlers in the households and I’m getting lots of twins and I’m trying to get the stage over and done with in one sitting.
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    I personally play half a season per round and 2 years for Uni Sims.
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    I play for a season at a time, saving on the morning of the first day of the new season. 5 days is a nice amount of time to get things done but not too long that I get bored with them.
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    Generally I don't play premades as I prefer to not have my neighbourhood lose a huge spot.

    But I switch between my created sim whenever I feel like it, since a lot of the time I lose track of time
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    I always done 3 days per household, the reason for this is each semester in collage is 72 hours which is 3 days. So I play 1 semester of collage and 3 days per house in neighborhood. With this rotation my neighborhood plays very well, people aging perfectly with their relatives in other households.

    EDIT: I was going to say if 3 days each isn't long enough, I would double up and do 6 days per house and 2 semesters of college just to keep it even.
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