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Slum Housing

MadDoctor61MadDoctor61 Posts: 217 Member
My games were really buggy, so I backed up (creating a link instead of copying the files) deleted Sims 3 and expansions, all worlds, CC, everything, and started from scratch. Ooops, that link now points to a deleted folder so I really started from scratch. I found some of the stuff I had and a bunch of new CC. I was building my own world and CAW and related files were untouched. I've opened the latest version of my world and exported it to the game. Unfortunately, all the custom content has been replaced with defaults. The number of unroutable sims and other bugs is staggering. I'm going to start CAW from scratch. I HATE starting from scratch because I'm a lousy builder. I may try to save some things and recreate the basics of what I had so far.

My world had a lane called 'Marley Lane', as in Jacob Marley, as in A Christmas Carol. It was supposed to be a slum neighbourhood. It wasn't really all that slummy looking so I'm replacing it completely. Anybody who likes building is invited to help me create a proper slum. I've been looking on-line and I found a bunch of big empty lots with shacks and abandoned cars, junk piles, etc. more suited to rural rather than urban areas. I also found a bunch of post-apocalyptic lots that are too far past the slummy line. I'd like run-down, not destroyed.

I built my 8x8 originals on 10x10 lots, but this time I'm going for slightly larger 8x9 on 10x15 lots, This gives an extra row (10x2) out front so the garbage can and mailbox aren't so crowded as well as a 10x4 backyard. I'd like a variety of housing options to replace my 'Bachelor Pad' (single story/double bed), 'Family Starter' (two story/double bed+bunk bed+crib) and 'A Bit More Room' (three story/living area/double bed master+nursery+bath/2 kids rooms with bunks+bath)[Story Progression like big families]. The lots are small because this is supposed to be a crowded, over-populated area. Good TVs might be a good idea, because people seem to need a good TV when they have nothing else.

I'd love any help you want to give. Upload your creation where-ever you like, but please link to them here. Post links to any custom content you're using here so others can use it as well. Thanks in advance.
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