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The Sims Mobile Livestreams

I think it will be a great idea for The Sims Mobile team to live stream on twitch. :) They should live stream for events or updates and interact with players and fans in real time. It's will be great to be transparent about events and maybe give a short walk through and show new items!

Most of the sims gurus on the sims mobile are on twitter but not as known as the PC sim gurus except a few who transfer over to mobile. It will be great if a lot of people get to know who they are and what it's like to work on a mobile game. <3


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    RueBeeRedRueBeeRed Posts: 7 New Member
    I'm shocked that more people don't use streamers for promotion, a lot of them will do it for a key for a new launch or for a first look. New stuff is the literal best for most gamers. I love GTA online for the simulation/is this real life? look and feel - Sims would def do well if they can tell a good story.
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