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Turn off weather effects

knitsybitsyknitsybitsy Posts: 69 Member
So I want to get seasons but I don't want any sims to die of heat or freezing. I just want them to get delightfully cold or hot, or even complain a little, but not die. So someone told me you could still play but turn off weather effects. What does that do? I want weather without death, so if it does that, maybe I would get it.


  • zamira82zamira82 Posts: 221 Member
    edited August 10
    There's heat and cold acclimation each for 500SP or heatproof and iceproof for 2000SP that your Sims can purchase under the reward traits.. at first, I was in doubt as well...but now, I am enjoying the seasons expansion pack..would recommend to buy..

    And, by turning off the weather effects means you can switch off snow and blizzard, rain and thunderstorms..and an option to uncheck the effect of the weathers on your Sims...

    Say What?!
  • knitsybitsyknitsybitsy Posts: 69 Member
    How often do you have townies dying? I love all the screenshots I have seen lately, but I really don't want a lot of townies dying. I have a few households I play and I don't want a call from the reaper saying they died while I was playing another household. That is the only downside to this. I mean, in real life, yeah people do freeze or overheat. It happens. It isn't a daily thing though. Most people are smart enough to get out of it if they possibly can.

  • ShinzenShinzen Posts: 155 Member
    Some people have experienced townies dying, but quite honestly, I've been playing since the pack came out and have yet to have a townie die on me. I've seen some (at lots other than my house) get close; like frosty blue skin because they decide to go jogging in a blizzard with their athletic wear but none have died just yet.
  • knitsybitsyknitsybitsy Posts: 69 Member
    So if you turn off weather effects for your sims they won't die? Just the active lot or all of them? Can they still be struck by lightning?
  • zamira82zamira82 Posts: 221 Member
    edited August 10
    So if you turn off weather effects for your sims they won't die? Just the active lot or all of them? Can they still be struck by lightning?

    I never had townies died due to the weather so far (I play 28 days in each season).. there's one time, my maid was struck by the lightning.. once... lucky, he still alive and continued doing the chores.. but, if the lightning happened to strike your lot, you might find crystals that could complete your collection..

    I don't turn off the weather effects... but my guess is, it should be applied to the saved game only (regardless of the number of active lots). I haven't tried turning off the weather and play in a different saved game yet, because, I'm so into with my current household after installing the season pack.. :)

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  • fadingaudiofadingaudio Posts: 879 Member
    They won't die and weather won't effect them. Basically, they will never feel hot or cold. They can still be struck by lightning though. I prefer just modding out the death as you won't get any weather moodlets if you turn off it effecting them. It does more than just stop death.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 1,434 Member
    Just an observation about turning off certain weather for your save files, such as rain, thunderstorms, snow, blizzard etc. I'm not talking about the effects on your Sim you can turn on or off, the actual weather itself. I turned off rain and thunderstorms completely in one of my saves just because I was tired of it raining ALL the time. My sims needed a break. :)

    Anyway, one day the forecast was for mysterious weather. Despite having rain and thunderstorms turned off in settings, I still got rain and thunderstorms that day. So, either this is a bug/glitch or 'mysterious' weather overrides your settings by design and you can get anything anyway.

    The reason I mention this is for those who might think their Sims are safe from lightening, getting wet without an umbrella or even freezing in a blizzard because they turned off these types of weather, it can still happen. I imagine it's rare in this case, but thought I'd mention it anyway.

    Happy Simming! <3
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 5,659 Member
    I've played through nearly 4 years (7 simdays per season), and yet not seen any sim die because of weather. I think that as long as you pat attention to your active household (they can be dumb at times), there is little to be worried about.
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  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 2,338 Member
    I have had two sims die both were played sims. One died at a party during a heatwave. Of course she was in her party outfit and roasted. The second sim was on the way to the gym and died pretty sure he was probably jogging around in the cold before my sim loaded at the gym.

    As others have said, you can turn off the Sim effects and you will be safe.
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 1,375 Member
    I play with weather effects off after reading how much of a pain it is with them on. Basically, as it says, hot and cold doesn't affect them. But they also don't automatically change clothes.
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