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post your sim toddlers photos and routines likes and and ages (roleplay)

carlymichellecarlymichelle Posts: 3,253 Member
this is amelia she is 18 months old she has brown hair and brown eyes she goes to bed at 6pm and gets up about 6am her most favourite toy is her bear and blocks the food she likes best is peas she goes to pre school (MOD) she is a happy little toddler

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  • carlymichellecarlymichelle Posts: 3,253 Member
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    bedtime for amelia


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  • kiriviankirivian Posts: 1,039 Member
    This is Arielle Martin she was born to a family who believed they were long done having kids when SURPRISE! She has three older brothers, all of whom are still teens. Her schedule is a bit up in the air because she suffers from a lot of nightmares and because her indulgent brothers can't resist her. She loves to play with her family members better than any other activity and her motor skills are almost fully developed as a result. She loves peanut butter and jelly, playing with the dollhouse and being read to. I imagine she's just turned two because she has recently become a little more defiant than I care for, and her silly brothers are way too smitten with her to ever use any kind of discipline. Let's hope their indulgence doesn't lead her to become a little hellion later in school.
    A Little Defiant
    She Loves Peanut Butter and Jelly
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