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Top requested features needed for consoles?



  • _000key_000key Posts: 168 Member
  • Lavancha2005Lavancha2005 Posts: 5 New Member
    I woul"d like to see updated furniture and maybe bring back some of the furniture from previous sims games, such as a recliner or lay z bot u can interact with like nap,rest, sit watch TV etc, and how about modern furniture like sectionals and wrap Round couches, I would also like to sports focused careers, football, basket ball, baseball etc. Anybody else??
  • lana44lana44 Posts: 41 Member
    I would love to see sims4 console have a option for direct control, it would just be better overall. I enjoy the sims 4 I think bringing back some of the old feature with the new one would be a great idea like the cars for transportation and being able to go to the groceries store and have your refrigerator get low on food at some point. Making the neighborhood have community together would be kool without the loading process for the neighborhood, like when u visit your neighbors. Having the family bond a little more like options for family night on the calendar.. but overall good job n thanks
  • lana44lana44 Posts: 41 Member
    Direct control and less loading time would be wonderful.
  • LALA_LETHAL69LALA_LETHAL69 Posts: 4 New Member
    Give us multiplayer!!!!!
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