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Can anyone help or advise me in recreating one of my TS3 sims into a TS4 sim?

I am trying to recreate a sims 3 sim in the sims 4 and for some reason I feel like I am just missing some key thing that makes him look like himself. Any advice would be appreciated. Or if anyone is interested in taking the TS3 shots of him and just having a go at it - that'd be great too. Thanks in advance to any of you who check this out and/or share your advice or work with me.

So this is Holland Haverstock as he appeared in The Sims 3:
This is my current version of TS4 Holland (work in progress) without any of his accessories
I have been unable to find a TS4 accessory that connects the ear to the lip, so I have substituted, in the following shots, an accessory that connects the ear to the nose instead (there are two different kinds and your opinions on which you prefer and on which side of the face would be really appreciated). If anyone knows of a site where I can download an ear to lip piece I would really appreciate a link - thanks.
This is TS4 Holland with an ear to nose chain on the left
Here the other style of accessory is pictured on the right side of his face (which is where he wore it in TS3).
And finally, I am at odds about his hair. When I played him in TS3, I frequently changed his hairstyle so I'm fine with not being able to find either of the hairstyles pictured in the TS3 photos for TS4 (although if any of you know links to TS4 cc for these hairs it'd be great), but I am not sure if I prefer it shorter or longer or up in a bun or braids. What do y'all think?
Like I said any help would be appreciated, especially if you can see where it is that I am going wrong with in the TS4 version (is it the nose?- I just can't tell) argghh.
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