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If you could be a Sim, what cheats would you want to have put on you



  • TheLastStarTheLastStar Posts: 164 Member
    Definitely motherlode, or at least kaching/rosebud. Most of the things one desires in this world can be obtained through monetary gain so if I were rich, I think I'd be okay. That's not to say money can buy happiness, but, as countless others have stated before me - it sure does help!
  • LimpNoodleLimbsLimpNoodleLimbs Posts: 15 New Member
    I would love free real estate and to be able to teleport.

    I don't mind earning money or paying my bills, but a home that I don't have to payoff until retirement and getting where I want instantly might be nice.
  • redroses16redroses16 Posts: 8 New Member
    I believe in Sims 2 there was a cheat for making your sim fat/skinny under testingcheats. Would love that now that we're stuck in stage 3 lockdown :D Have been too busy cooking and baking...
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