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Thanks for taking the time to read this! Also thanks to all for your supportive comments on my last thread. You all really made me feel better. :)

Okay, I've got a quick question for all of you. I enjoy changing my sims' outfits at the turn of every season. I have many choices when doing this thanks to owning all the expansion packs, a lot of store content and a couple stuff packs, but I can still see a serious lack of clothing options for certain types of sims.

I've taken to the internet to rectify this and found some cute things on Around the Sims 3, from Anubis Under the Sun and Sweetdevil Sims. This has helped a lot, but I would still like a few more options for clothes for certain types of sims. I've found many older threads on this forum with links to different websites, however most of them don't lead to anywhere anymore.

With all this in mind, would anyone know where I can find maxis-match clothes for male sims, and elderly sims? I'm not really looking for anything in particular. I would just like to have more options to choose from when dressing my sims up. Otherwise I'm going to see a lot of repeat outfits throughout my legacy.

Thank you so much!


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