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Music for specific sims while playing/in CAS?

Just curious of anyone has soundtracks for their sims and what they are?
I tend to have one track on repeat when Im working on something (which drives my wife insane) so some songs just stick.

Main ones Ive been doing lately:
Shirley Landgraab: Apashe - Majesty
this one is tough because its normally something classical but i like the powerful feeling of this, fitting for the Landgraab heir

Camilla Pancakes: Ke$ha - Blow
Ke$ha is trashy fun music and that totally Camilla

Dina Ybarra (Caliente): Dixie Chicks - Lubbock or Leave It
Dina has always had a country girl feel to me.

Nina Caliente: Lady Gaga - Manicure
A good party girl song

Katrina Caliente: Rhianna - Love on the Brain
Poor Katrina, just could never find that perfect guy

Thats my recent works,
What do you all work with?
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