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Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise

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Welcome to my attempt at documenting the life of city vampire Vladimir Schlick (according to my imagination) in my newly started game in Bridgeport. Let us begin by taking a look at Vladimir's character sheet:

Name: Vladimir Schlick
Age: 96 days to becoming an elder
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Favorites: Indie, O Positive, Black
Hobbies: Playing the piano
Personality: Workaholic, Technophobe, Coward, Evil, Athletic
Relationships: Elvira Slayer (friend), Lotta Greaves (friend, deceased), Wogan Hemlock (boss, varies)
Career: Criminal
Lifetime Wish: Emperor of Evil

Background Story:
'Vladimir has benefitted greatly over the years from his long lasting relationship with Elvira Slayer. But if a reckoning between old and new vampires in the city comes, whose side will he take?'

Vlad’s ravishingly good looks have tricked many a good Sim under his spell… Most Sims in the city find him irresistible! He’s well connected in the local Vampire scene, but with a new crowd on the rise, Vlad might have to choose sides. (I find this part to be not quite in tune with his starting relationship panel, but I included it anyway)

My Personal Touch:
Vladimir may dress according to modern time, but in reality, he is stuck in a past century and distrusts all technology. He grew up with and believes in good old hard work to achieve one's goals. As a young child, he was teased and made fun of, but he never felt confident enough to stand his ground, choosing instead to flee from his attackers. That was how he learned, that he could outrun the other kids from school. Even the older ones and with ease. He excelled at sports when he became a teen and was able to better make friends from this point until school ended.

The friends from back then are all long gone now, of course. As an adult, Vladimir has led an obscure and mostly solitary life and that didn't change significantly after he was turned vampire. Moving to the big city, Elvira Slayer was the first to notice his arrival and quickly became his "friend". Her real agenda was and is, of course, simply to get other powerful vampires to join her campaign for dominance. Vladimir did suspect this, but as the "new kid on the block" with secret insecurities, he didn't find much reason to object, so he played along. For a while.

One night while frequenting the Plasma 501 with Elvira, he met a sweet young lady by the name of Lotta Greaves, who was serving drinks. There was chemistry between them instantly and they ended up becoming friends that same night. This had left Elvira feeling scorned, however. She put on her charms and lured Lotta outside in the night and into a dark alley where she drank her empty and set her ablaze to cover up her bite marks. When Vladimir later learned of this, he arranged for a small secluded grave in honor of his new friend at the spot where she was found badly burned and lifeless. Vladimir has not spoken much with Elvira since then and their friendship is decaying steadily. For the first time in his life, Vladimir has decided to oppose his inner demons and take action, get himself situated in a position of power and gather allies, for Elvira must pay for her manipulating and murderous ways. Fortunately, he is far from the only vampire who is holding a grudge against Elvira Slayer. In fact, he already found his first ally in his boss. Complications are bound to occur, but Vladimir is determined.

And so, here we are...at the beginning of Vladimir's journey to take over Bridgeport.
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    Chapter 1

    Vladimir has been working on his already impressive athletic skills. He will need them as he rises through the ranks amongst his fellow criminals.

    In case you didn't know, Vladimir is pretty evil.

    Everybody needs something to wind down with. For Vladimir, it's playing the timeless piano.

    It's 11 pm and time to go to work. What sinister things will tonight offer?

    Well, elevators for one...

    First promotion down, but the sun is almost up and it's not good for vampire skin.

    After work, it's time to go to the library to learn about logical matters.
    'Nice neck you have there, sir...'

    Who said evil vampires couldn't put on a goofy face?

    Lastly, a couple of city shots. Hope you enjoy.

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  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 3,908 Member
    @Nindigo: Awesome start. Giggles, I love the shot of Vladimir trying to get out of the elevator and it looks like he's going to bite his tonuge!
    :) Smile!

  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 1,861 Member
    Thank you, @Puddinroy <3
    Chapter 2
    Vladimir, being the hard worker that he is, has now toiled for many a night at the gym and the library to hone his body and mind, and he feels ready to face whatever challenge his path of crime will put him to. But even more so, he is starting to feel a lot more confident about his plan to overthrow Elvira Slayer. However, not yet. Many pieces must still come together, especially those with a social aspect. Vladimir will bide his time and invest what is needed to gather an army of allies.

    They called from the stadium to inform Vladimir of a Muscle Showdown event that he was happy to participate in.

    This is a face of evil triumph. He was rewarded with the honor of winning in front of many people and a nice cash payout to boot.

    Afterwards, it was time to celebrate at Waylon's Haunt where Rafael Striker delighted the patrons with some suave dancing moves.

    'You can stay over there and drool, Wayne. Rafael is coming home with me tonight!'

    Another evil victory!

    I just love Vladimir's appartment. It is masculine, simple and stylish. The color scheme is very pleasant to the eye.

    I actually found myself just sitting and looking at this, enjoying the piano music as Vladimir was improving his skill.

    Next day at Waylon's Haunt which has become Vladimir's favorite hangout. It's just across the street from his workplace and it has a piano.

    One of the Atkins sisters came to play darts.

    Alan Stanley came by as well.

    Sugar Bijou blessed the patrons with a great dance show. But look in the background...a new bartender.

    This is Erika Talon, the in fact oldest vampire in Bridgeport City followed by none other than Vladimir Schlick. Elvira Slayer's claim that she is the oldest is but a lie woven to make her campaign for dominance seem more legit in the eyes of all the younger vampires.

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    Chapter 3

    It would appear that Vladimir will not have the hardest time finding allies to rally around his cause. Having piano skills as a woo tool will surely make things even easier.

    Of course, the simoleons of a pretty lady never hurts either. Thank you, Erika.

    The morning after while being transported home from work, Vladimir had a great many things on his mind. Ideas took form.

    'Hello, Erika. It's Vlad...'

    '...So Jessica is an enemy of Slayer? What a coincidence. Well, thank you for this three hour long talk. Yes, I enjoyed it too. Oh, and thank you for the tips the other night. I always appreciate the attention of a pretty lady. Yes, I will. Okay, see you later at Waylon's!'

    Vladimir later decided to swing by his boss Wogan's place.


    'Let me get a moment here, Watcher.'

    Wogan may be Vladimir's boss, but he is also married to Slayer's best friend, Morrigan. Therefore, it's vital to play on all strings available here. Because either Wogan is going to have to leave his wife or talk her into turning against Slayer. But Morrigan is insane and even if Vladimir was able to successfully lure her away from Slayer, she would be unpredictable at best. Safest bet is to get in good with Wogan.

    Beau! What a welcome sight.

    Oh. You too, huh...

    'Listen, I have this plan...I know you hate Slayer as much as I do...'

    'You can count on me and Wogan, Vlad. He's my friend.'

    Vladimir was pretty satisfied with the outcome of these two encounters. Things are coming together nicely at the moment.

    Time to go relax and play some piano at the Haunt.

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    Chapter 4
    Just some photos this time.

    Enjoying a Hemoglobin Shooter at Waylon's Haunt.

    Meeting a likeminded.

    "The Hustler"

    Evil vampires have to pay rent as well.

    Sometimes, for a brief moment, insecurities still get the better of Vladimir.

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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,865 Member
    @Nindigo Great back story for Vlad! I have never played him but I have played with Lotta and I thought it was sweet that he arranged a burial place for his new friend, lost too soon.
    Athletic and musical! Nice qualities!
    Nice seeing familiar Bridgeport townies :)
    I have a soft spot for Wogan! :)
    Beau is my all time favourite BP vampire :)
    He's doing well finding allies!
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    Thank you, @Mikezumi <3 I really enjoy playing Vladimir, because he is probably not a first choice for many due to his obscure role in the powerplay between Elvira Slayer and Jessica Talon. Wogan is in a troublesome position while Vladimir easily can be made to join either side. I wanted to place a chip on his shoulder and the game provides material for this when looking in the right places.

    Chapter 5

    Bridgeport by night.

    Vladimir decided to remove the darned makeup he was wearing. He had applied it to better fit in as it was trending in Bridgeport nowadays, but he had never taken a liking to it. Good to look like a man again...a vampire...man.

    Down at Waylon's Haunt, he learned that he is perhaps not keeping low enough profile during his criminal activities. A known high-ranking law enforcement officer spotted him the instant he entered the bar and pulled him aside to dance. Perplexed, Vladimir simply followed along and tried to act normal. The guy was non other than Romeo Rake, however Vladimir fortunately didn't sense any suspicion from him this time around.

    But, better keep an open eye on the patrons.

    The uneasiness was later replaced with high spirits when Beau Merrick called and let Vladimir in on some juicy gossip about Slayer.

    It's just so darn fantastic that Beau is an evil 🌺🌺🌺🌺 like myself! *cackle*

    Next morning, Vladimir had to walk around in his silly new outfit and share the news of his promotion with Erika before she headed off to work at Waylon's.

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    Chapter 6

    Erika: 'You should pay Jessica a visit, Vlad.'
    Vladimir: 'I'm planning to.'
    Erika: 'Tonight, you should.'
    Vladimir: '...'

    Erika: 'She should be home around now.'
    Vladimir: 'I'm finishing this first.'

    Erika: *giggle* 'You're afraid of her, aren't you?'
    Vladimir: 'Am not.'

    Vladimir: 'Alright, I'm headin' over to her then. Let me know if something happens here.'
    Erika: 'Sure thing, Vlad.'

    Vladimir: 'I need a favor, pretty boy.'
    Rafael: '...Huh?'
    Vladimir: 'If a guy named Romeo comes in right around now, distract him for me.'
    Rafael: 'Uh...okay, gotcha.'

    Romeo: 'Have you seen Vladimir tonight?'
    Rafael: 'Nope. You'll just have to settle with me, Romeo...'
    Romeo: '...'

    Vladimir: 'Grr...is this thing on? Hello?'
    Jessica: '*noise*...Who is this?'
    Vladimir: 'This is Vladimir Schlick. May I come up?'
    Jessica: '*noise*...Ahhh, Mister Schlick. I was wondering when you 'd muster enough courage to come seek me out.'
    Vladimir: 'Right. See you in a moment...'

    Rafael: 'I'll leave you to it, ladies.'
    Vladimir: 'Hmph. Why are you home already?'

    Vladimir: 'No way.'
    Jessica: 'Oh, yes.'

    Jessica: 'You truly are up to no good, Mister Schlick. I like that!'
    Vladimir: *confident grin*
    Jessica: 'I will add your cause to mine, then Elvira won't stand a chance. I can already see her face when she realizes she has been outplayed!'

    Back home.

    What an incredible night. One for the books. Vladimir is proving to be quite the adversary when he puts his mind to it.

    Vladimir: 'Hello, Romeo. Yes, I was elsewhere tonight. A personal matter, I'm afraid. You want me to come over now? No, you don't have to bake a cake. I'm on a diet currently...my help with something? Alright. I'll come by shortly.'

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  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 1,861 Member
    Chapter 7

    Romeo Rake was wanting to know if Vladimir knew anything about the local and corrupt politician Jeffrey Cook whom he was investigating. He was already digging by having befriended Devin Ashton, Cook's best friend forever. Well, Cook was also in a way "sponsoring" Ashton in exchange for certain loyalties and...attentions. But anyway, Vladimir did know of Cook's ties to the criminal underworld and was able to provide some information. As part of a deal, Romeo agreed to turn a blind eye from time to time when it came to some of Vladimir's minor, work related pursuits.

    Time then went by for a while without much of note happening. The nightly grind eventually resulted in a final promotion to the infamous rank of 'Emperor of Evil'. Vladimir had thereby fulfilled his greatest lifetime wish. He is now the dreaded and untouchable leader of the Bridgeport mob - a hard man of dark business and sinister methods who is sometimes startled by his own shadow.

    There is also a matter of a more serious companionship to be followed up on. A young soul with a troublesome attitude, but a pretty face, has caught the attention of Vladimir. As a bonus, that soul also functions as a convenient walking meal. Apollo the Friendless and Hated (as well as Lola Belle lookalike) began frequenting the Haunt at some point. Vladimir soon decided to pluck him from his disturbing household consisting of, among others, none other than Slayer's best friend - William Fangmann, a vampire police officer no less.

    The new Emperor of Evil. Style and proper manners are a must. It generates respect.

    An enemy on more than one level.

    But certainly not this one. Meet Apollo, Vladimir's chosen snuggle doll.

    Apollo is very useful in that he can read thoughts. Well...see them, rather.

    If only Vladimir had known, this awkward moment could have been different.

    Nevertheless, the outcome would still have been the same. The two are now going steady.

    The beauty and the beast. The future is simply looking...well, not bright and good, but dark and evil :D

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  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 1,861 Member
    Name: Apollo Bloom
    Age: Young Adult
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus
    Favorites: Classical, Lobster Thermidor, Pink
    Hobbies: Playing drums, reading, writing
    Personality: Couch Potato, Hot-Headed, Bookworm, Coward, Frugal
    Relationships: Vladimir Schlick (boyfriend), William Fangmann (enemy), Kai Leiko (enemy)
    Career: Unemployed
    Lifetime Wish: Super Popular

    Apollo is an egotistical male model who cares only about himself. His cover shoot for Sim Quarterly Magazine is attracting major buzz from the local media… and paparazzi.

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