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I'd like to share some pictures of my Cherry Surprise cat

Rococo1256Rococo1256 Posts: 144 Member
I made a cat called Cherry Surprise, and I'd like to share some pictures of her. This is my first time uploading screenshots. She is on the Gallery if you like her, my Origin ID is GreenRocket. The dog is not mine, he is made by Karostone.
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I am GreenRocket on the Gallery.


  • VanadisVanadis Posts: 2,305 Member
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    You have to put the link in between the image tags, which would be [*img]LINK HERE[/img*] but take out the * And where LINK HERE is you post the https whatever, whatever it spits you out as the link. That's how you embed images here.

    Your cat's cute though!
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