Event Items Breaks

Do any in the game have a problem that one of the event items breaks, and you click to fix and nothing happens. I have a light from two events back that is broken and have the flies. Do anyone know how I can fix or remove it?


  • phoebebebe13phoebebebe13 Posts: 19,400 Member
    I suggest going to the mobile bugs section and report your issue
  • ayyitsmellayyitsmell Posts: 422 Member
    Could just be the item as well. There are some Summer lanterns that have flies that hover around the light, making it seem as if it's broken but it's actually not. If it's not the Summer lantern or Summer Illumination lights, then you should report the issue
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  • Wisconsin36Wisconsin36 Posts: 15 New Member
    I think there lighting bugs dear
  • Loulou2406Loulou2406 Posts: 17 New Member
    Please can some one help, sorry I’m new to the forums so I’m not sure if I’m posting In the right place and I can’t yet make my own post

    I’m playing the sims mobile I’m trying to complete the wedding even which is on a timer with 1 day something left however I’ve hit a brick wall.
    Apparently it’s my faience birthday and it came up with the game asking me to buy things with real cash it gave me 3 cash others and then a free offer of buying my parter a tshirt so I did that...
    so now my sims upset he won’t let my girl sim touch him or even speak to him it just keeps saying his upset. This has been going on for about 8 hours now how long is it going to last before he stops being ungrateful
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    It usually tells you before you click it how long it'll last. It can be anything from 1 hour up to 24 hours.
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