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Life on the Farm


  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    Life on the farm
    Day 34 (cont.)

    Finnian was back after a quick trip to Stylist :)
    He looked pleased ;)
    Moss filled some gaps in the garden.
    Shannon and Mikezumi watched the stars :)
    Finnian started a new painting. His LTW is Renaissance Sim. He should max gardening very soon and has already mastered painting so it shouldn't take long :)
    Mikezumi got a text to say that Regan (the canary) Capp's party was about to begin.
    Mikezumi's probably thoroughly tired of cooking but I had her prepare a cheese plate anyway ;)
    Moss went for a swim :)
    The host wasn't there but her father, Consort, stood in for her ;)
    Mikezumi brought a bottle from her first batch with her. It was made in the second week and was worth §46. It is now perfect quality and worth §218 :)
    The family enjoyed the nectar while Consort ate.
    It was already 10pm so I sent the family home when they had finished their drinks.
    Moss rolled a wish to catch a death fish when he mastered fishing. I woke him after midnight so he could catch one.
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    Life on the farm
    Day 35

    Daniel was meant to age up the same day as Finnian but he didn't for some reason. When I loaded my save it was 3am and he was at home so I aged him up and added him to the household. I am sure that Finnian was glad to see him at the breakfast table :)
    Although he slept for a few hours, Daniel didn't have a waking wish. I sent him to the kitchen to learn the cooking skill.
    Moss's waking wish was to fish. He also had a wish to catch a 100kg fish. I put in an Al Simhara spawner and he caught a crocodile weighing 456kg :)
    Finnian had no waking wish so I sent him gardening since Moss has already mastered gardening.
    Shannon's waking wish was to garden. I like it when they wish for something they are going to do anyway :)
    Mikezumi, left to her own devices while everyone was busy, chose to read :)
    Mikezumi's waking wish was to grow a great apple tree. She had to wait until the tractors weren't in use so she could walk across the tracks to where I wanted the tree planted.
    She didn't seem surprised that the tree was full grown before she had a chance to fully stand up ;)
    Finnian and Daniel found each other when Finnian had finished his tractor run :)
    Because Daniel aged after midnight he didn't get to graduate with Finnian.
    I was zoomed in on the wrong door so didn't get a pic of Finnian tossing his diploma :| He was Class Valedictorian and voted Most Likely to Save the World :)
    Moss rolled a wish to catch a bug, probably because it was a long, boring ceremony ;)
    There was a lot of loving going on back at home :D
    Although Daniel and Finnian have their own double bed they chose to use Mikezumi and Shannon's :D
    I had a good chuckle when Mikezumi and Shannon used their bed moments later :D
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    Life on the farm
    Day 35 (cont.)

    Although Shannon is still drawn to the tractor, the board breaker also has a strong pull on him! :)
    When Moss got his 100kg fish wish earlier, he rolled another to catch a 250kg one. After he caught another crocodile, I had him call Simon because he hasn't had much company since Finnian's love moved in. He tried to interrupt Finnian for a game of catch a few times but I stopped him. That can wait until Daniel has fully settled in.
    Daniel is artistic and has a photographer's eye. His LTW is the one where he has to master the painting and photography skills. I will buy him a good camera soon. When Finnian went to his painting, I had Daniel clear the other easel so he could also paint.
    When Shannon headed down to the board breaker, I saw Mikezumi heading to the bookcase. When I checked on her she was re-reading a book although I had bought her several new books recently so I cancelled her action and had her start on a new book.
    When Moss finished chatting with Simon he autonomously watered the garden :)
    Shannon is producing a lot of gems. Earlier in the day he got a lot of cut gems in the mail and made a small fortune when I sold them!
    Awwww Moss came in to hug his mother when he was done with the tractor :)
    I laughed so hard when Mikezumi criticized a lousy book. She obviously didn't care for the book I made her read ;)
    Mikezumi and Moss share a good sense of humor so I wasn't surprised when they started making funny faces :)
    When Finnian finished his painting he interrupted Daniel's painting for some loving :)
    I had Shannon collect the gems as the basement was getting full and send them off for cutting. There was a rainbow gem in this batch :)
    Moss must have asked his mother for a game of catch :)
    I heard woohoo. Finnian and Daniel were having a little fun in the treehouse :D
    When Shannon interrupted the game of catch, I sent Moss to work on the fixer-upper's engine.
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    Life on the farm
    Day 35 (cont.)

    Finnian got a text saying that Charlie Shear's party was about to begin.
    The house was tiny! Charlie had a baby daughter who was on the kitchen floor. I bought a crib and had Moss feed her before putting her in it. Finnian prepared a cheese plate while Daniel chatted with the host :)
    Mikezumi rolled a wish to take a photo with a friend while playing catch with Moss.
    Seating was a problem!
    Daniel and Finnian were about to watch the stars when Moss appeared in Finnian's queue for a game of catch!
    I had Moss introduce himself to Frank Astare to keep him out of the way.
    Finnian and Daniel got to watch the stars without interruption this time :)
    I found Mikezumi and Shannon doing the same in the front yard :)
    Moss came out to chat with Joseph Morgan (David's son). It was late so I sent the family home when the couples had finished watching the stars.
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    edited August 2018
    Life on the farm
    Day 36

    I made the mistake of accepting when I got a graduation popup so the family have another graduation to attend :#
    Moss's waking wish was to water the plants.
    Shannon's waking wish was to grow a perfect apple tree.
    Wish granted! :D
    Mikezumi's waking wish was to meet someone new but she also had a wish to improve her athletic skill :D She's now level 6 :)
    Finnian's waking wish was to paint something brilliant but he also had a wish to improve his cooking skill. One more dish should get him there.
    Moss and Shannon did the gardening.
    I didn't take a pic but Daniel painted before the family headed to the Town Hall for his graduation. His waking wish was to learn the photography skill but he also had a wish to improve his painting skill.
    Daniel was Class Valedictorian and voted Most Popular :)
    I sent the family home but when I saw Simon at the pool with his parents, I sent Moss there.
    I was watching the others at home but I zoomed in on Moss when I saw the diving board in his queue. He didn't belly flop :D
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    Life on the farm
    Day 36 (cont.)

    Daniel and Finnian were flirting as were Mikezumi and Shannon although I didn't take a pic of the oldies ;)
    The boys' flirting led to the shower.
    Although it was Moss's birthday, I let him stay at the pool for a few hours. When I checked on him he was having a breath holding competition with Skip. Simon had splashed his mother and she was not impressed! :D
    Moss won :)
    He must have enjoyed the win because he did it again, this time with Simon :)
    And won :)
    I'm almost regretting giving Shannon a ball! :D
    While playing catch, Shannon rolled a wish to take a photo with a friend. I had him do it with Moss when he got home from the pool. Mikezumi wandered off to read.
    Not sure who asked who but they played catch after taking the photo.
    The family gathered around for Moss's birthday :)
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    Life on the farm
    Day 36 (cont.)

    I'd totally forgotten that Moss aged up previously with this very short hair!
    Much better! :)
    Moss is happy too :)
    Moss was the son of my Spike and Ian Somerhalder sims and is a lovely blend of both :)
    Finnian got his waking wish for a brilliant painting :)
    Moss had an outstanding fish wish so I sent him fishing. I was happy to see that Simon rolled the angler trait on aging up later that evening :)
    Mikezumi and Shannon watched the stars :)
    As did Finnian and Daniel :D
    Shannon asked Mikezumi for a game of catch but Daniel wasn't done with star watching :)
    Daniel doesn't have a ball so Finnian instigated this! :D
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    Life on the farm
    Day 37

    Simon joined the household while the family slept :)
    The family enjoyed fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches for breakfast :)
    Moss had no waking wishes. He got started on the gardening while I took care of the others' waking wishes.
    Although Simon had no waking wish, he rolled a wish to learn the fishing skill shortly after joining the household.
    Finnian's waking wish was to paint something brilliant but I wanted to get his wish to level up in cooking out of the way. He got his wish after preparing pancakes :)
    Shannon's waking wish was to find some seeds. He also rolled a wish to hug Mikezumi amorously just before waking. He got his hug wish before I sent him out to collect a seed from the garden. He looked more interested in the gem than the seed ;)
    Mikezumi's waking wish was to catch a great fish. She also rolled a wish to woohoo with Shannon just before waking. I locked it in knowing she would take care of that herself :)
    Shannon gardened after finding the seed.
    Daniel had no waking wish but I got him started on a new painting hoping that it would trigger a wish or two. It did. He rolled a wish to join the painting career when he leveled up and he also rolled a wish to paint something worth more than §125 (the number could be wrong but it's in that ballpark). Finnian also started a new painting in the hope that it would be brilliant.
    Earlier in the morning Finnian registered as a self-employed gardener and rolled a wish to garden. Moss also registered. I held off selling the morning's harvest until then and both got several promotions in one go! :)
    After Simon had got several fishing skill points and had a few fish wishes under his belt, I let him go and he found Moss who had just finished gardening. I was hoping for some affection but Simon wanted to ask Moss about his day.
    Moss got things on track with a flirtatious joke :)
    When Finnian and Daniel's social bars were getting low I released them from painting. They didn't waste any time! I got to them just as Finnian was going up to the treehouse :D
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    Life on the farm
    Day 37 (cont.)

    Simon rolled a wish to learn the gardening skill when he reached level 3 in fishing. I knew he had gone to Scouts as a child because I had registered him myself with MC :) He got 3 gardening skill points when he planted an apple seed :)
    Mikezumi had been reading but Shannon went to her when he finished gardening.
    That's much better than asking about Moss's day! :D
    I was thrilled when I saw Moss fishing autonomously! Usually only my angler sims will do this on the home lot once they reach young adulthood! I sent Simon to join him. I suspect he would have gone on his own since he is an angler but I didn't want him to interrupt Moss if he had other ideas.
    I found Mikezumi and Shannon upstairs and I could see that it was Mikezumi's idea :)
    Moss must be hard to please! He wasn't impressed by this perfect rainbow trait. Perhaps he was expecting another crocodile ;)
    Simon rolled a wish to learn the cooking skill when he reached level 4 in fishing :)
    I found Shannon asking Mikezumi for a game of catch! :D
    Simon and Daniel were talking in the kitchen when Moss interrupted for a flirt :D
    I was relieved that Shannon and Mikezumi had dressed before going down to play ;)
    It would seem that Finnian and Daniel favour treehouse woohoo :p
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    Life on the farm
    Day 37 (cont.)

    Simon and Moss had a little "clean fun" ;)
    The family enjoyed Moss and Simon's favourite, burgers, for dinner :)
    I don't know what Mikezumi put in those burgers but whatever it was it was potent! Daniel and Finnian are heading upstairs to woohoo and Shannon and Mikezumi are not far behind!
    Simon and Moss chose to admire Finnian and Daniel's paintings instead ;)
    I saw Finnian and Daniel come out to the porch. They mustn't have lined up properly! :D
    Simon is a party animal and when he turned on the stereo to dance I had Moss join him :)
    Shannon and Mikezumi played catch instead of watching the stars!
    Simon and Moss danced until it was time for bed :)
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    Life on the farm
    Day 38

    The family enjoyed Eggs Machiavellian for breakfast :)
    Daniel's waking wish was to give someone a friendly hug. I thought it would be nice if he hugged his future mother-in-law :)
    Simon's waking wish was to water the plants but he couldn't do it straight away because the tractors were blocking the way. He also had a wish to prepare a meal using freshly caught fish after he learned the recipe for fish and chips the previous day so I had him do that. :)
    Finnian had no waking wish so I sent him gardening. He got one of the gardening challenges after harvesting :)
    Shannon's waking wish was also to water the plants but that could wait until the harvesting was done.
    Moss's waking wish was to harvest a wild plant so I sent him to the Community Garden :)
    Shannon watered a tree after harvesting and got his waking wish :)
    Simon also got his waking wish :)
    When the morning's harvest was sold, Simon rolled a wish to garden so he got his first tractor ride :)
    Shannon started to break space rocks but I had him change boards so he can get his wish to break 100 more boards faster. It's not like the family needs the money from gems anyway. Because of friendships made early in the save, Mikezumi and Shannon have inherited a lot of money from several of the townies :)
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    Life on the farm
    Day 38 (cont.)

    Moss had been chatting with Mikezumi when he rolled a wish to take a photo with a friend :)
    Finnian was about to start a new painting when Moss came out to ask him for a game of catch :)
    I found Mikezumi rereading a book and thought better of giving her another after she had complained about the lousy book I chose for her last time ;)
    The game of catch never happened because Simon interrupted to woohoo with Moss :D
    Shannon stopped Mikezumi from reading ;)
    Moss got his game of catch after all! He must have asked Simon after they woohooed :D
    When I left my save to install a food mod and test it in another save, Simon and Moss were playing catch but when I loaded it Simon wandered off to check out the new water pump and Shannon congratulated Moss on his birthday :)
    Shannon then went over to Simon to ask what people were saying about him :D
    It didn't take long for the others to come to the garden as well. Nothing like a new object to get sims running!
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    Life on the farm
    Day 38 (cont.)

    There are very few open bits of land on the lot so I placed the wedding arch under the pergola :) Daniel had rolled a wish to marry Finnian over breakfast so I decided to get it out of the way. I had looked at the various venues in town but none seemed suitable and I didn't want to remodel anything for a short term save.
    It was a little squeezy but the family managed ;)
    The family entertained themselves while Mikezumi prepared dinner. She has a wish to prepare 3 perfect meals so I had her cook burgers. Soon she will be cooking dreamy desserts :p
    Finnian and Daniel admired their artwork after dinner ;)
    Mikezumi and Shannon watched the stars :)
    I had heard woohoo while I was watching the others and when I checked on Simon and Moss I found them dressed in their career outfits which I definitely did not pick!
    Simon and Moss watched the stars too :)
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    Life on the farm
    Day 39

    The family enjoyed waffles for breakfast :)
    Finnian's waking wish was to garden.
    Simon's waking wish was to prepare a meal but he also had a wish to level up in gardening locked in.
    Daniel's waking wish was to prepare a meal and he also rolled a wish to prepare waffles after breakfast - two wishes in one! :)
    Mikezumi's waking wish was to eat a perfect quality meal. She got that at breakfast. I gave her a new recipe because Shannon was working on his board breaking wish.
    Moss's waking wish was to water the plants but the magic water pump had already taken care of that so I cancelled his wish and had him watch the Cooking Channel when I saw he was a whisker away from leveling up.
    Shannon and Mikezumi rolled wishes to be worth more than a million simoleons so I let Shannon break space rocks because they will need the gems to get them there faster ;)
    Moss fertilized the plants after he leveled up in cooking. I won't let the magic pump do the fertilizing because it only uses great quality fertilizer whereas the tractors use outstanding quality. Plants that are fertilized with outstanding fertilizer can be harvested daily but with great quality fertilizer plants will often skip a day before they a ready to harvest again.
    Mikezumi prepared a Red Velvet Cheesecake when she learned the recipe :)
    When Simon finished gardening he got his cooking wish :) Mikezumi learned another recipe :)
    Moss came in and hugged his mother when he finished fertilizing :)
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    Life on the farm
    Day 39 (cont.)

    The family gathered for Moss and Simon's wedding :)
    Mikezumi was crying tears of joy :)
    Finnian barely held it together ;)
    The boys exchanged rings :)
    Then sealed their vows with a kiss :)
    Shannon checked the mail. The wedding gifts for Finnian and Daniel included a Karaoke machine :)
    I let Shannon and Mikezumi have a turn before putting it back in the family inventory.
    When I last checked Moss and Simon were woohooing in the outdoor shower but the romantic mood didn't last long and I found Moss watering the garden and Simon playing the guitar I had bought him earlier in the day when two of the family had rolled wishes to spend x simoleons after selling the morning's crop.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    Life on the farm
    Day 39 (cont.)

    When I saw Finnian chatting with Simon I stepped in and let him have his wish to give him a friendly hug which he had rolled over breakfast.
    He had to wait a moment because Moss finished his tractor round and wanted to flirt :)
    I could see that Moss wasn't finished with Simon so I sent Finnian away. He had just finished a painting and I had him sell as it was a double.
    Daniel finished his painting just as Finnian sold his so he got some loving of his own :)
    After some loving, Moss went fishing and Simon turned on the stereo to dance. I still can't get over Moss fishing autonomously since it doesn't normally happen in my saves unless sims are anglers.
    I found Shannon and Mikezumi playing catch :D
    What better way to celebrate a wedding than cake! The family enjoyed the Red Velvet Cheesecake and all rolled wishes to prepare it but I didn't lock them in because it requires level 9 cooking.
    Mikezumi and Shannon watched the stars from the garden :)
    Finnian and Daniel watched them from the deck. Because Finnian had sold his painting earlier they had a clear view ;)
    Moss and Simon watched the house :D
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    Life on the farm
    Day 40

    Simon wanted to fish before 6am.
    He wasn't impressed with his first Siamese Catfish which was only very nice quality. I was surprised it wasn't of a better quality since he is an angler and I gave him perfect bell peppers as bait.
    The family enjoyed Shannon's favourite, pancakes, for breakfast :)
    I sent Simon and Moss out to do the gardening. Simon reached level 9 in gardening!
    Daniel's waking wish was to play a game with Finnian. They couldn't play catch with the tractors in use.
    Mikezumi and Shannon talked about gardening because Mikezumi had two waking wishes: one to talk about gardening and the other to play a game with Shannon.
    Shannon's waking wish was to train with the training dummy.
    While playing chess, Daniel rolled a bunch of level up wishes but I cancelled most of them except the athletic one since the others were mostly musical instrument ones. I imagine his xylophone skills were translated into musical instrument skill when he went on a field trip before he joined the family. Finnian's waking wish was to paint something brilliant so he painted while Daniel pumped iron.
    Moss's waking wish was to catch a great fish. Simon rolled a wish to catch a 10kg while fishing during the night.
    Mikezumi prepared Rum Raisin Tiramisu :)
    After cooking she got her wish to play a game with Shannon :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    Life on the farm
    Day 40 (cont.)

    After the boys got their fish wishes, I released them and they went straight for woohoo! :D I believe they used the treehouse.
    Mikezumi read several of the new sweet recipes inside while Shannon played a game with Moss. He had rolled a wish to do so over breakfast :) Mikezumi fulfilled a wish to read 50 books worth 7,500 LTH points :)
    I sent Finnian fishing when he got his painting wish. I couldn't remember when he had last gone out. Daniel was working on a painting and reached level 8 :)
    Mikezumi and Shannon had a little flirt before I sent the family out to dinner :)
    Finnian and Daniel did the same :)
    The family squeezed themselves into the family car and headed to the Diner :D
    Shannon made a break for it while the others got tangled at the foot of the stairs :D
    He could have eaten a meal in the time it took the rest of the family to catch up! ;)
    Shannon, Mikezumi, Moss and Daniel must have liked their meals a lot because they watched the Diner after dinner :p
    Finnian and Daniel played catch instead.
    A couple of my sims had wishes to skinny dip so I sent them to the pool while Daniel and Finnian watched the stars.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    Life on the farm
    Day 41

    I remembered why I had been avoiding this save when I went back today. The lag is almost unbearable at times. I don't know if it's Roaring Heights or Grandpa's Grove but my saves usually run better for longer in Sunset Valley and usually don't start lagging, and only minimally, until after 100 sim days. Still, it was lovely to see Mikezumi, Shannon and the boys again :)
    Simon's waking wish was to prepare a meal so I had him make waffles to replace what the family had eaten :)
    Moss's waking wish was to watch the Cooking Channel :)
    Mikezumi's waking wish was to play a game with Shannon.
    Daniel's waking wish was to play a game with Finnian.
    I took a pic of Daniel's latest painting before he sold it so he could get started on another.
    Mikezumi and Shannon had made their way back to the bedroom while I was watching the boys :p
    Simon and Moss did the gardening.
    Finnian's waking wish was to prepare a meal.
    Daniel started another painting. He must be team Edward ;)
    Mikezumi and Shannon were in no rush to leave the bedroom :D
    Mikezumi has had a wish to drink perfect nectar locked in for a while. I finally let her have it :D
    Simon must have pulled out his guitar when he finished his tractor run :)
    Shannon's waking wish was to play a game with Finnian. They played chess because the tractors were in use.
    I had them come in and have a glass of nectar so Mikezumi wouldn't drink it all ;)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    Life on the farm
    Day 41 (cont.)

    Another thing I had forgotten was that it was Graduation Day for Moss and Simon! I saw a popup that Moss had to go to the Town Hall. Without thinking I cancelled the action and Moss got his diploma without having to attend the ceremony. Unfortunately, I couldn't cancel Simon's action so the family had to go after all :#
    I went into map view and saw that the Town Hall was very busy!
    I reset Simon so I could teleport him and the rest of the family to the Town Hall to save time.
    Simon got his diploma and was voted Most Likely to be a Rock Star. Moss got his earlier and was voted Most Popular :)
    Mikezumi rolled a wish to increase her athletic skill.
    Shannon broke space rocks. He is getting close to achieving his wish to break 100 more blocks :)
    Simon found the last glass of nectar! :D
    Moss went fishing while Simon was drinking.
    The family enjoyed Mikezumi and Finnian's favourite, fish and chips which Finnian had prepared earlier, for dinner :)
    There was the usual star watching after dinner :)
    Shannon got a text that Oliver Harbuck's party was about to start but the house was empty so the family stayed at home.
    I saw from Finnian's thumbnail that he was watching the stars and found him and Daniel on the back deck :)
    When I next checked on Finnian, he and Daniel were playing catch :D
    Moss and Simon made use of Finnian's bed :D
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 576 Member
    @Mikezumi - Roaring Heights is gorgeous, i haven't played there yet but the lighting and what i seen of the world is beautiful.
    I just brought the grandpas grove the other week, haven't tried it out yet but what i'm seeing from your thread it looks like it's worth it.

    I know i started watching this thread and have it bookmarked, so to refresh my memory started again. I love your details and descriptions in your posts <3

    Mikezumi and Shannon are adorable together <3
    I love how sims get excited when they get a dinner they love or like :)

    Did you find the tractor needed lots of room to get around? Did it get stuck in some places?

    YIKES lol Mikezumi in the tractor wheel :sweat_smile: lucky it's sims. Like when local cars just run them over too :blush:

    YIKESSSSSS nooooo ummm yeah i agree no way that sim would live in mine either lol Don't blame you :astonished:
    Naww Finnian is adorable!

    Ohh the concentration facial expressions when on the potty kill me with laughter every time :lol:

    I completely agree the dresses spoil some shots it's a bit wrong.. lol but yes i agree Mikezumi's face is adorable in the stargazing photo, actually a great captures!

    HAHAHAHAHA GREAT CAPTURE of Mikezumi's face for potty clean up love it... made me chuckle

    I love your camera angles when toddlers are learning to walk,, the face under the butt shots are too cute for words <3

    Naww good boy Shannon nothing beats a man who cleans up after himself and more so sims :)

    Shannon sounds like he's a perfect husband and father <3 he's melting my heart, naww and watching over him while harvest, love sims who show that nurturing side to them <3

    yummm lime marmalade wow sounds delicious

    WOW love the aerial shots, it's a gorgeous farm <3

    Welcome Moss what a little cutie <3

    hahahahaha tree house testing huh... :tongue: hopefully they didn't get splinters.. some of my sims do and it gives them a bad moodlet lol

    lol Shannon expression of the poopy junk is almost like it's an alien object :smiley:

    wow nice to see the boardwalk... did you try out the roller coaster?
    I always seen it in the store but never knew anyone who had used it before.
    hahahaha you answered my question... weeeee roller coaster for Mikezumi and Shannon :love:
    In the first picture Shannon almost looks like he doesnt approve of it.

    they looked like they had fun :) Did they get a moodlet for being on there?

    the boys look like they are enjoying dinner :)

    yikes hate those if's they creepy

    YESSS your famous put a small table for birthdays was the best idea i ever seen, i have been doing it since and havent had angry stomping sims lol

    Finnian is a cutie as a child <3

    gorgeous photo of Finnian fishing i love the colours of the evening in that photo too :)

    mmm Grumpo is quiet sexy there.. very refined :)

    Dyno and Sharpo look like some kind of mafia there with Mikezumi cooking in the kitchen.. almost a conspiracy theory lol

    Nice painting Finnian, agree very different :lol:

    OK i must ask... Why doesn't Mikezumi get a ball??? I must have missed something :disappointed:

    HAHAHAHA OMG Moss not wanting to get off the rider is hilarious..

    GREAT beach photos <3

    At least Norma is wearing a decent dress code lol

    lol you do what i do when my sims wont listen i make them nap lol... omg too funny love your comments <3

    up to day 8 will continue when i get back.. so far am enjoying the farmlife again. This time i plan on catching up :wink:

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    Thanks for the lovely comments @bebasim <3
    Grandpa's Grove is a really fun lot and the house is cute and quaint :) The plants can cause some lag at 5am when they become harvestable/need watering but it's not too bad since my sims are usually asleep then.
    I put in an extra tractor because it made tending the garden a lot faster with two sims doing it. You need to do a couple of sweeps with each to get all produce but I can't even imagine how long that much gardening would take by hand so well worth it.
    The Boardwalk is also a great venue and the sims do get moodlets from riding the roller coaster :)
    Roaring Heights is a beautiful world and the sims, although most are not to my taste, are definitely interesting with lots of references to old time actors and characters.
    Shannon and Mikezumi were partners once before in Monte Vista. Another simmer friend kept pushing me to let Mikezumi have love for once so I chose Shannon who is a clone of my first favourite sim, Eddie.
    This save was mostly to test Roaring Heights and Grandpa's Grove but it did go longer than I planned and was a lot of fun :)
  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 576 Member
    @Mikezumi My pleasure and was looking forward to continue reading but photo links not working today so will wait until i can enjoy the piccies :)
    It really really does look like a lovely thread and your pictures are amazing :)
    Naww great Mikezumi had love again <3 she is cute
    Just hope this images problem doesn't last too long :(
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    @bebasim I was just doing some research and it could be a forum issue as opposed to a Flickr problem as only BBCode images are not being embedded on the forum. If I hotlink an image it works fine.
  • Lilypink79Lilypink79 Posts: 96 Member
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @bebasim I was just doing some research and it could be a forum issue as opposed to a Flickr problem as only BBCode images are not being embedded on the forum. If I hotlink an image it works fine.

    I've just found your story and would love to read it however I too am unable to view the images. They are showing as links on here and when I click the link it takes me to a flickr/yahoo account which says I am unable to view the photo as it's private.
    I've got 99 problems and TS3 glitches are 98 of them
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