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Bad Boys and Broads.

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Let's go the opposite of a Sophisticated comp and some other comps and do a free choice and creativity comp. Bad Boys and Girls Competition is completely freedom of choice as to how you present your round entries. Stay tuned, it's open now!. This will be a mix of couples and singles using males and females.

There will be 10 rounds, depending on the interest, plus a semi-final and final so 10 actual photo shoots but that may change as we see how things progress. I will allow 6-8 days between rounds but an extension up to 3 days will be available if asked 24 hours prior to the latest due-date. I already have some ideas.

If you would like to reserve now I will keep you updated.

No examples will be provided because we want you to have complete freedom in this one. We want to see your own creativity shine through. The rounds will be thematic based ie: gangster/mobster etc but the no rules except lighting and shadow. Let's see how this goes.

** Depending on how many apply, there may be eliminations, or alternatively, if 6 or under apply, then there will be no eliminations, just a final three based on the top 3 accumulated points**

There is now 9 competitors so depending on how many more we get there could be eliminations, but I will consult with my judges

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    :) = seen new assignment
    B) = scoreboard seen
    <3 = assignment submitted
    o:) = application in

    Assignment 8 - Pirate pairs

    1. <3:)@aussiekarima with Andrea and Shaurya
    2. <3:)@ColorMePink with Jade and Drew
    3. <3:) @TEXASTWANGTONYA Santiago and Willow

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    **Model Wall**
    Full Size
    Absolutely love the different personalities that shine through on this wall.

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    I would like at least 2 or 3 experienced judges please and provide a bad boy and/or female head shot for your judge please and what you would like them to be called.

    I have 3 very experienced judges who have offered their services, perhaps one more would be great!


    Please put a head shot on transparent or black. If you are not sure how to, I am happy to cut them out for you.
    Name of judge:
    Experience as editor/judge:

    There will be virtually no rules for this just lighting and shadow and your thoughts on the entries for the theme of the round.

    No points will be awarded if the entry is not in by the last due date, but an extension of up to 3 days can be requested.

    There will be one score out of /20 no feedback or comments are necessary unless you have the time, but you can give feedback if the contestants ask for it themselves.

    No bonus points for early submission in this one, either they're in with extensions granted or they're out.

    Meet your talented and creative judges, @MizoreYukii and @Vanadis. Both have years of experience so don't hesitate to ask them anything.

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    ROUND 1- Bikie Pair
    For this round I have added a picture, for future rounds there will only be backgrounds as I don't want to influence anyone's creativity.
    @aussiekarima - Round 1
    @MyFavoritedesign - Round 1
    @ColorMePink - Round 1
    @peppergirl84 - Round 1
    @abelhinha35 - Round 1
    @Movotti - Round 1
    @alexis3142 - Round 1
    ROUND 2 - Vampire Pair
    @aussiekarima - Round 2
    @MyFavoritedesign - Round 2
    @ColorMePink - Round 2
    @peppergirl84 - Round 2
    @abelhinha35 - Round 2
    @Movotti - Round 2
    @alexis3142 - Round 2
    ROUND 3 - Gypsy Pair
    @aussiekarima - Round 3
    @MyFavoritedesign - Round 3
    @ColorMePink - Round 3
    @peppergirl84 - Round 3
    @abelhinha35 - Round 3
    @movotti - Round 3
    @alexis3142 - Round 3
    ROUND 4 - Super Villians
    *This round you need to use both your models
    *They both need to be villians
    *Due 12 - 14th September
    @MyFavoritedesign - Round 4
    @ColorMePink - Round 4
    @abelhinha35 - Round 4
    @movotti - Round 4
    ROUND 5 - Mad Scientists
    Again please use both Sims. One could be the mad scientist and the other the unfortunate test subject or however you would like to portray this round. It is your choice on how you decide to create your mad scientists.
    @aussiekarima - Round 5
    @MyFavoritedesign - Round 5
    @ColorMePink - Round 5
    @movotti - Round 5

    ROUND 6 - Gang Leaders
    @aussiekarima - Round 6
    @MyFavoritedesign - Round 6
    @ColorMePink - Round 6
    @movotti - Round 6

    ROUND 7 - Steampunk Pair
    @aussiekarima - Round 7
    @MyFavoritedesign - Round 7
    @ColorMePink - Round 7
    @movotti - Round 7
    ROUND 8 - Pirate Pair

    Go all out with this one, folks as this is the last round before we choose who goes into the finals.
    @aussiekarima - Round 8
    @ColorMePink - Round 8

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    Round 1 - Bikie Couples
    Congratulations to @Movotti for first place, a tied second place @MyFavoritedesign and @abelhinha35 and @colormepink for third placing
    Round 2 - Vampire pair
    Another close round. Congratulations to @abelhinha35 for first place, @ColorMePink for second place and @movotti for third.

    Round 3 - Gypsies
    Well congratulations to @aussiekarima for first place, @ColorMePink for second and @abelhinha35 for 3rd place. You all did so well, it was tricky to judge...and don't forget...
    **If you want feedback, please let us know and we can do that for you**

    Round 4 - Super Villians
    Congratulations @Movotti for your unique win in this round, you certainly went all out. I think you should take up writing comics for a living! Congrats to @TEXASTWANGTONYA also for your unique take on this round and making second place and for third Congrats to @ColorMePink for a terrific take on your entry.

    We are losing @abelhinha35 as she felt this was not her type of comp but wishes everyone else the best of luck. We are gaining 2 people however, @aussiekarima is back and we're so happy to see her with us again and the newest addition to our little group, @kyky. Welcome and I hope you have lots of fun with us. @peppergirl84 and @alexis3142 you are still welcome to join the next half of the comp since we are taking everyone through to the finals anyway.

    Thanks to my judges again for their consistency and you have comments from @vanadis this round for all of you. You will find these in the requested feedback comment box below. Thank you for taking the time to do this Vana.

    Round 5 - Mad Scientists
    Congratulations, @MyFavoritedesign for first place, great edit you did. @aussiekarima for second and @TEXASTWANGTONYA for third. Vanadis has again kindly commented. If any of you would like more comments from any of the other judges, please speak up


    Halfway there now pepes. Here are the running scores so far. Congratulations, @Movotti, Trash is heading up the group.

    Round 6 - Gang Leaders
    Congrats to @Movotti for first place, @ColorMePink for second and @MyFavoritedesign third. Again it was a close round, so keep it up pepes, I think we have some real competition going on here.

    Vanadis has commented on everyone's so if you would like some valuable information, see the requested feedback comment box below.
    Round 7 - Steam Punks
    Congratulations to @TEXASTWANGTONYA for first place, @ColorMePink for second and a tied 3rd place by @aussiekarima and @Movotti

    Vanadis and wbombje have both added comments for this round, so thank you very much to them.
    Final Round - Pirates
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    ** Winning entries**
    Winner of Round 1 - Bikie Pair
    Winner of Round 2 - Vampire sire and Madam
    Winner of Round 3 - Aussie Karima - Gypsy Pair
    Winner of Round 4 - Movotti - Super Villians
    Winner of Round 5 - MyFavoritedesign - Mad Scientists
    Winner of Round 6 - Gang Leaders
    Winner of Round 7 - Steam Punk

    A special thanks to my judges also, @MizoreYukii @wbombje and @Vanadis for your consistent judging, thank you. <3<3

    Here are your certificates for sticking with me in this comp, @ColorMePink @TEXASTWANGTONYA @aussiekarima I truly am thankful that you stuck with me to the end ladies, thank you. I know life gets busy at this time of year, but I thank you for staying with me throughout the competition. You can resize them if you choose to use them in your siggy or as a gif along with your other items, thanks again.



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    Feedback from @Vanadis and @wbombje for everyone for Round 7 - Steam Punks

    Feedback from Erin
    This is cute. I love their outfits, but the background is a tiny bit cluttered. I love the story it tells, I just wish that your models had been more of the focus.

    I think that steampunk was well represented here with the fashion and the background. I wish that your models were a little more interactive and told a story. As much as I personally love prints on clothing, unfortunately, some poses distort them too much. I love the outfits as a whole, though :)! Great job.

    I love this! It slightly reminds of the show Westworld. Great interpretation of steampunk.

    Comments: I love, love, love your entry this round! This is probably one of my favorites of yours, ever. I love the fun pose and how the outfits and background work together.

    I love this and love the pirate steampunk vibe. I love how playful the poses and interaction are.

    Feedback from Vana

    I love that robot cat! You did a great job with the set decorations and I love that there's some action rather than just posing. This is just hands down a wonderful entry!

    Ooh, this is kind of high fashion steampunk! I feel like this is uncannily symmetrical for some reason. Maybe if on one of the things shooting steam it could have a shorter burst of steam or something. I like that you framed the shot using the steam, but something about it makes me not really dig the steam bursts being pretty much the same. I don't know. This is beautiful though.

    Yay, Drew's safe this round! I love the decoration of the set and the idea of the kind of Western-Steampunk genre crossover (because that is actually a thing in the steampunk genre and i love it.) There's some little gears on Jade's head and I think they belong on the feather but they look like they're attached to her head and it's kinda weird lol. But I loooove this.

    Cool, some traditional steampunk! This looks like a room they're in traveling on an airship. And that plus the dancing reminds me of Titanic, but it's steampunk Titanic and I kind of love it. I sort of wish it wasn't cropped as tight so I could see more of the wall decor because t's interesting!

    Airship pirates? This is so cool. You did an excellent job as usual with the set building and I love how this looks like it's telling a story. Great composition too!


    Feedback from @Vanadis for everyone for Round 6 - Gang Leaders
    Your couple does look like a pair of gang leaders! I love how you accessorized them. The background fits, but it is very low quality and grainy. Adding a shadow, maybe not even a long one but stick a little blob under their feet on a new layer and Gaussian blur the layer at about 5% once or twice would make them look less like they're floating.

    This is very beautiful and I love the background and the Sims are edited very well into it. However, I don't really see anything to nail down the "gang leaders" theme. This seems almost more goth. I don't know if you added the lettering on the guy's shirt but the lettering is very poor quality, though I didn't take off for that in case it wasn't your doing.

    Hi Grandma! I love the gold teeth you used. The face tattoos are very gang-leader-y. I love how gross the subway train is. This is just great all around and I love the framing you did with the sims and the poles.

    Love this background and the styling. I might have given them differing sunglasses though. And differing tattoos. I know that in some gangs some tattoos are a staple, but the full body on each member is rarely exactly the same. I can do without the glow and the dollar bills behind them. It makes it look a little cheesy. A+ for the styling for the most part though!

    Um, yes please! Mobsters! I love how you took the original gangsters and did them. I somehow like that their outfits coordinate. Heck, even the portrait in the background fits the era. Love this!


    Feedback from @Vanadis for everyone for Round 5 - Mad Scientists
    Interesting premise! This looks just like something out of a sci-fi flick. And I adore sci-fi. Kind of reminds me of the pods they sleep in, in the movie "Prometheus" that they get out of when they reach the planet they're flying to. But like, upright. I honestly think this was my favorite of the round because of the sci-fi feel and it's really well done. I think the guy could have been operating the machine behind him though.

    The editing on this is perfect, holy wow! I love everything about this picture. It's decorated really well. I like how she looks like she's coming out of the machine and there are head x-rays in the back like it took her images

    Holy blood, Batman! This is crazy; Drew's a maniac with that chainsaw. Team Drew! I'm wondering what that thing is on zombie's lower body; the thing that looks like a floating sheet? It's confusing. I don't know what it is. I know the CC set you used for the floor blood and stuff haha and I love it.

    And you said you were bad at this. Tsk tsk, Tonya. You did amazing here! I love that both of your Sims weren't mad scientists and one is the victim. The green glow is eerie and really adds to the feel of the photo and situation.

    Poor Trash. I love the look the mad scientist guy is doing; the "A-HA! MUAHAHAHA THIS ELIXIR WILL DO THE THING." I just now noticed the cages in the back. I love the attention to detail you put into this photo. I also love the lighting in the cells.

    From @MizoreYukii and @Jendowoz0612 for @TEXASTWANGTONYA
    From Mizzie
    I liked the picture overall because it was humorous and decently put together, especially the electricity effects, but for me it didn't really fit mad scientist, especially compared to the other entries. It seemed more like a couple arguing over something, and the closeup made it hard to see the location which didn't help. But I liked the green lighting, and how well dressed your scientist is (that hair is cute, where is it from?).

    From Jen
    You could see there was definitely something scientific going on, and I loved the electrical special effects, the close proximity of your couple showed them up well, but it would have been hard to know just by the picture without the caption what was going on as they did look like they were having and explosive argument over something and the lightning added to that impression. The lighting was great, and the clarity of the shot worked very well. If you'd drawn back the camera a bit more and had some unfortunate other victims in the capsules that would have made the "mad scientist" scenario more credible.

    Feedback from @Vanadis for everyone for Round 4 - Super Villians
    Holy bats, Batman! I love this. I love the hair you used, the darkness of the costumes but they don't run altogether; they're perfectly in focus. They seem to have taken down a whole army by themselves, which is pretty impressive. Did the bats help do that? The only thing I'm wondering about is a story-based thing: why's there a random chair in the battlefield? Did he call for a chair and the minions brought it to him? Was it a random chair? Does he have chair magic? It's a little odd. But overall, I love this.

    I have my own opinions of Harley and the Joker, but I'll keep them out of here. I love what you did with their styling. Did you take this background screenshot in Arkham Asylum? It's very nice and fits with Sim quality (I've done it with that game as well as some others.) I adore the expression on the Joker's face. About time you did something powerful with Drew, haha! Usually, the poor guy gets the short straw in the draw. I mean, I can't find much fault here. For real. It's great!

    This is creeptastic. The eyes being just white add this mystery and weirdness, like they're mutants of sorts. I see some blurring going on, especially in dude's fire-hand. The fire the woman is conjuring looks very fake. But I love, love, LOVE the wildness of her hair! OMgosh. I just adore this image. Good job!

    Wow, Tonya! Very cool image. I'm gonna say I'm honestly not sure what's going on with the window crack. Unless my assumption is correct and they're breaking into somewhere. It seems like they're sharing a private moment of love just before bursting into a high-security facility and wreaking havoc. Very awesome!

    Okay, this is so creative. This looks like a legit comic. The Revengers don't look that competent but that's one of the reasons I love this piece. Silly villains who muck it up all the time are my favorite. Styling's on point, editing's great, I don't give full credit like ever but this made me smile so much. Enjoy your 20! And thanks for the laugh! I freaking love this!

    Requested feedback @movotti and @aussiekarima re Bikie Round
    For Movotti
    I particularly liked your shot with the two bikes in it and the fact that you used both of them well in the composition of the shot. It was nice and bright and the colours were clear. The only thing again is try to get a bit more of a natural shading in the Sims faces. Other than that this shot stood out from the rest being a bit different.

    Your entry really stood out to me. It was fun and it embraced the challenge really well. I loved your models' outfits, the way they were placed on their bikes, everything, really. It was a great shot. I know I gave you 20/20 but if I had one little tiny critique, it would be cutting off the little bit of wheels and tiny bit of boot on the male model. But, that was such a minor flaw from the overall impact of the picture. I loved it!

    Your shot was one of the most creative ones, mostly because you did two bikes instead of one, and he's on a scooter and looks almost silly compared to the bada** female he is with. xD I also love the styling on both, and the posing of your models, though her pose is a little bit stiff. Some things to keep in mind though are cutting, as there are a few spots on him that stand out. Smudged and missing areas, and a few leftover spots from the background. He is also missing a shadow underneath him, and the lighting from the bike was good but could have been improved a bit. By improved, I mostly mean adding additional details like the lighting illuminating the bike, a faint glow to help the shine seem more authentic, etc. but that is minor. You had a wonderful shot though, so keep up the great work!

    For AussieKarima

    I like that you went with a different pose, and sat them in front of the bikes. I like the poses and their outfits really suited the shot. The helmets were a great idea but I would only suggest that you fade them a bit and make them look a bit aged to fit in with the rest of the shot. Other than that it was a balanced composition and stood out to me.

    I love your models' looks and the pose is pretty nice. I think that the shot was pretty well composed. I like the colors of their outfits. There is a bit too much negative space. I would have added a little more to the background. Also, I feel that their faces could have been just a little sharper. Overall, this is a great shot :)!

    I really loved your shot and thought it was one of the most creative, especially with these chosen poses. The casual scene in the desert was interesting, but it did need a bit more in the background. Their outfits are awesome as well, and really help set them apart from the other couples with those splashes of color. Most of my focus was on the blending and shadows though. Try to copy the blue shadowing when adding extra shadows into in-game shots, otherwise the black shadows stands out and makes their addition obvious. Also, the added details on the bike, and the helmets, are of a different quality and not efficiently blended, and stand out because of it. Try slightly blurring the objects you add so their details pop less, and also smoothing around the edges so it looks like they are on the object. Not too much that they lose quality, but enough to keep them from attracting the eyes and blend better with the overall quality of the image. You did a great job though, and looking forward to more from you.

    Requested Feedback for @Movotti and @TEXASTWANGTONYA re Gypsy Pair
    Movotti feedback from Jen
    Comments: For me the creativity was tops, “the straying from the stereotypes” was a good move, as all of your entries are and why I like them. This one, however, to me gave me mixed messages and the story from the picture itself got lost on the way. If you had put either him in more formal “gypsy clothes” this would have been more consistent with the “gypsy wedding” theme or gone the other way and matched her clothes to his dress code. The shadows needed some attention too, as their shadows were much darker than those coming from the trailer. When you do shadows, look around the background and try to match their opacity and colours. The position of the male shadow works, except for the colour, but the female’s seems to be a bit off-position. The blue glow around her head, I can see what you were trying to do but it probably wasn’t needed.

    Movotti feedback from MizoreYukii
    Comments: I liked your out of the box idea, especially because I remember watching some episodes of this show and always being amazed at how big they go! However, it does seem random. Like, why is she in a wedding dress and he is in casual, and just standing there for the camera? Are they getting married or just family? Stuff like that. Also, the editing was a factor too. Her shadow is off, the colors of the shadows are off (they don't match the in-game shadows, I'd recommend the lighting mods or adding blue tinges when editing), and I'm a little confused with the blue sparkles. They look like blue lights, which I wouldn't be surprised if they were, but if they are just regular sparkles why are they glowing and she has a blue aura? That one was minor but the aura and brightness were throwing me off a bit. Either way I liked your take on the gypsies as it was a creative path, just needed some attention in areas, especially with portraying your story. Also, did you make that trailer, or add the wheels at least? Kudos if you did!

    Movotti feedback from Vanadis
    Comments: This is super creative, but for me, I imagined the trailer would be a tad more decked out. Or rusty. Or heck, both. This reminds me of a "modern" pair of gypsies living in like idk Appalachia and I like the kind of magical feel you embodied with your lady's sparkly hair and dress. However, it almost seemed un-cohesive. Like I can tell there's a story behind it but I can't tell what the story is, if that makes sense. It is a creative image, and very different and out of the box, but a bit so much that it's confusing. That could be the cold meds talking.

    Movotti feedback from Wbombje
    Comments: I really like how you did a different and more modern take on the Gypsy theme. It was creative; however I didn't really see many elements that really met the theme. I couldn't get a complete story just from the elements that you had included. Maybe if you included a more full view of the trailer/caravan it would have helped. I loved the little lights in her hair, but the way that he was dressed it didn't make a whole lot of sense for a gypsy wedding. I do like that you thought outside of the box a bit. That's always a plus in your submissions. Overall I really liked your picture !

    Requested feedback from TexasTwangTonya

    TexasTwangTonya feedback from Jen
    I really liked the look of your models styling and they reminded me of a nomadic-type of gypsy, and the fact that you thought outside the box was a positive for me. They do remind me of a hippie pair, however going to a rock festival. The background, although terrific, didn’t quite follow the theme of a gypsy, I visualise gypsies in front of caravans, camping out in the rough, sitting around a campfire or setting themselves up in a place where they’d get customers for fortune telling or selling goods to make some money.

    TexasTwangTonya feedback from Vana
    Your gypsy pair is cute, but for me, they're more Coachella hippies than gypsies. When I think gypsies I think a little more bling, flowing dresses, stuff like that. It's stereotypical but I've never seen them portrayed as wearing jeans and that. So they look more like they're going to a music festival and less like they're going to dance and tell your fortune. The background was off for me; it might be that the quality is so different from the Sim quality. Your sims look better than the background. You also shouldn't cut a person off at a joint; you want to do it at a long bone, so not the knee. But your Sim quality was great and stuff; they just looked more like music festival goers.

    TexasTwangTonya feedback from Erin
    I loved your take this round. Your models look really cute and I like their outfits. I agree with Vanadis that they look a little more like they are going to a music festival. Also, I'm not sure what the background had to do with the theme or where they are. I loved their outfits, I would say maybe work on finding a background that works with the theme, like possibly a caravan. I loved your take overall !

    TexasTwangTonya feedback from Mizzie
    Even though I love the way your models are dressed because you did a great job styling them, I don't think they fit the term "gypsy". They and the background remind me of hippies at one of those events, like Coachella, etc. Oh, and I noticed you used a drop shadow again. Remember, drop shadows are only for backdrops or walls! These guys are standing out in the open. I loved your photo overall though!

    For your application could you please provide a head and body shot of a male and female pair together on transparent please. No supernaturals or creatures as these will be part of some of the rounds we do. You will not necessarily use both in every round, but will need to have them handy when a couple round comes up.

    **Applications to be in between 1st and the 3rd August please**

    Name Female:
    Name Male:
    What name you would like to be referred to in comments:
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  • aussiekarimaaussiekarima Posts: 1,147 Member
    ~ OK, I am in! Just can not help myself!
  • MyFavoritedesignMyFavoritedesign Posts: 1,413 Member
    I am in too! My bad boy is waiting.
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,872 Member
    edited July 2018
    You can put them up now if you would like to, @MyFavoritedesign but remember there needs to be a male and female together on transparent, head and body shot. He looks awesome by the way! Love the first and fourth shots. <3<3
  • MyFavoritedesignMyFavoritedesign Posts: 1,413 Member
    I know that you like eye contact @Jendowoz0612! <3<3<3
  • ColorMePinkColorMePink Posts: 5,734 Member
    Ok. Head feeling better, Jen. xD I love the couple twist to it. I can't make up mind though. Do I want to use Malcolm? If so, Nicole would be my female. Hmm...decisions, decisions, decisions!
  • pinkbearpinkbear Posts: 2 New Member
    hey!! i am interested in this competition, i am new to the sims forum so this would be my first competition but i have been playing the sims 4 for a while now. i would love to particiapate, just let me know if it’s okay. ❤️
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,872 Member
    edited July 2018
    Of course you can, @pinkbear. Keep commenting around the forum and you'll soon be a full member. We'll keep liking your comments too. In the meantime if you want to put in an application or any pictures, if they allow you to do a link in here, link me and I'll put them up for you until you can do it yourself as a full member. I've reserved you for this competition.
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    Up to you, Vid. Or you could make two completely new Sims. I've reserved you.
  • pinkbearpinkbear Posts: 2 New Member
    @jendowoz0612 awee thank you so much!! i will do that, but this is all still pretty new to me so if i have some trouble understanding some things please bear with me :)) anyways, this is soo sweet of you and i will do my best!!
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,872 Member
    No problems, @pinkbear :)
  • peppergirl84peppergirl84 Posts: 255 Member
    Im into it! Reserve me please @Jendowoz0612 =)
    Headshots by T.
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,872 Member
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    Excellent! @peppergirl84 so glad you are joining us. :):)
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,872 Member
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    I've decided to go with a different approach for this comp. Supported by a friend who is an experienced competitor, I've decided to give you all complete freedom in this comp. If you feel you need a framework to create in this comp, I suggest to lurk and see how it goes.

    This is how it will look:

    I will give a theme for the round, that will be the only category then it will be up to you how you present it. There will be no restrictions except the expectation that you will apply appropriate lighting and shadow to make the composition of your photo fabulous, and no nudity either, but nothing else including...
    * type of body shot
    *any props
    *any makeup, accessories or hair
    *any clothing
    *any backgrounds
    *any additional Sims that will also be up to you, (apart from the couple you apply with of course).

    It will be up to the judges to look at lighting and composition and give a mark out of 20. There will be a deadline for entries and if not in by that time, no points will be awarded. But...up to a 3 day extension can be given to those who ask by the last of the two due dates. There will be no early submission bonus this time, just a deadline that you as competitors need to try and meet.

    **We will trial this approach and see how it goes. Please let me know that you have read and understood this, thanks**

    You may begin to put in your applications any time and I will give it a couple more weeks to see how many we get and encourage others to apply to judge.

    @aussiekarima @MyFavoritedesign @ColorMePink @pinkbear @peppergirl84 @abelhinha35 @Movotti @TEXASTWANGTONYA

    Tag List up for the last time
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  • MyFavoritedesignMyFavoritedesign Posts: 1,413 Member
    I have read and understood @Jendowoz0612 . <3<3<3
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,872 Member
    edited July 2018
    Thanks, @MyFavoritedesign what do you think about the different approach?
  • MyFavoritedesignMyFavoritedesign Posts: 1,413 Member
    It's interesting!
    Sign Me Up JEN!!!!! Sounds FUN.........!!!! @Jendowoz0612 :D:D<3<3
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    Name Female: Ella Nagy
    Name Male: Roy Arce
    What name you would like to be referred to in comments: Angela

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