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Unexpected moments in The Sims 4

PurpleCheshirePurpleCheshire Posts: 92 Member
edited July 2018 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
Just like Semaj explained in his new video (Every Sims 4 DLC Ranked!), one of the biggest problems with The Sims 4 and it's packs is that most features don't change the game, unless you, as a player, change your gameplay (e.g. choose an active career, open a business, play as supernatural, create a new club, etc.)

What the game needs the most right now are those little unexpected moments that happen to our Sims during gameplay. We have changing weather, holidays, alien abductions, other Sims inviting us to events, but we need more! I've got some ideas that I would love to see come in future updates:

Story Progression - each family in every world should continue their story along with our Sims, they should move out to other houses, get married, have kids and live their own lives.
Burglars - classic NPC from every Sims game and just like aliens, they should come to our Sims' house and iterrupt their daily routine a little bit.
Opportunities - these were random quests that your Sims would get in The Sims 3 and I think they should come back to The Sims 4, as they really break the routine and give us optional tasks that would be as easy as fixing your neighbour's TV or could be a bit harder and time consuming.

Would you want to see these things in The Sims 4? Have you got any more ideas?
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,942 Member
    Other than the story progression, which wrecks havoc on rotational play, good ideas. Proviso - if burglars, then police to deal with them as well.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,024 Member
    edited July 2018
    Also, I think adding turn ons and offs, interests and reputation would go a long way in making sims have unique personalities.

    And I really miss when sims used to have bosses, they did on TS3 and you could befriend them and have them give you a promotion and such, as well as give you opportunities to read a book or something to level up faster.
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  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 2,817 Member
    I like all the ideas except story progression I like MCC mod but sometimes it messes up with my family story and I'm! So I don't know about story progression.
    Burglars omg yes we need them back ASAP also the fire department because now your house is burning and not that much action going on at all.

    I also like the events even if it is a rabbit hole Sims are doing something I would like more of that.
  • domina89domina89 Posts: 217 Member
    It's a no to story progression for me, too, but I would love to see more unexpected moments. I loved that so much in Sims 2. Several years into playing the game, my sims were still doing unexpected things to surprise and delight me.
  • Scorpina2009Scorpina2009 Posts: 1,547 Member
    domina89 wrote: »
    It's a no to story progression for me, too, but I would love to see more unexpected moments. I loved that so much in Sims 2. Several years into playing the game, my sims were still doing unexpected things to surprise and delight me.

    ME TOO ! I miss never knowing what to expect in TS2.
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 716 Member
    I'd just love the Sims 4 graphics with Sims 2 gameplay, not watered down, not made pc...Having said that I love vampires, autoresolve and the new gardening system. I really miss firemen and burglars, and fine if EA wants to target 13 year old girls with the game, that's ok. Just remember that 13 year old girls are hormonal, untamed little beasts who like mayhem and disaster and aren't all about playing with cutesy dolls (Speaking from the experience of having been one)
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,288 Member
    edited July 2018
    The thing I want most is story progression, but with the option to be able to turn it off for specific households (or off completely, for those who want that).
  • peeanggpeeangg Posts: 66 Member
    I feel like more autonomy in socials should help. It’s not realistic to have everyone get along. I shouldn’t have to force sims to choose the mean interaction and to actually oppose each other when they have opposite traits, they should do it automatically.
  • Blueyed_babe10194Blueyed_babe10194 Posts: 17 Member
    I seriously don’t under stand why burglars haven’t been added to the game yet when they’ve been in the game since the first ever series !!!
  • SjofnSjofn Posts: 296 Member
    I'd like story progression, but I think you'd have to be able to flag households to be skipped by it (or an option to turn it off completely) to make it more workable for rotational players (I'm not one of those).

    I would really like burglars back, too. Just more setbacks in general, really.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,454 Member
    Newspapers, unsavoury charlatan, mrs crumplebottom, burglars, cops, firefighters. All missing, and need to be featured on milk cartons.
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