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OMG! My Sim couple won the lottery



  • Bearpal64Bearpal64 Posts: 1,116 Member
    My Sim won the lottery for the first time since I got Seasons! Which was a long time ago. I just made him and he is an alchemist (Realm of Magic) and he only had $422 to his name. Did the lottery cause I was trying to earn easy points and bam lottery winner! That was a complete surprise!
  • 0xx_Simmer_xx00xx_Simmer_xx0 Posts: 196 Member
    It always seems to be the Pancakes household that win in my game, lol.
  • cynclacyncla Posts: 1,117 Member
    None of my Sims have won since - but they keep on trying.
  • popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 1,086 Member
    Now we need expensive cars, luxury vacations, and high tuitions to be able to spend all this dough! My Sims are always swimming in money with nothing to spend it on.
  • rg7272rg7272 Posts: 2 New Member
    @MaggieMarley how do they become billionaires? In game their funds only go to $9,999,999 ?
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,927 Member
    A friggin' dog just won the lottery in my game!
  • RasberriRasberri Posts: 4 New Member
    yeah my sims just won the lottery but none of my sims even care lmao
  • jimbbqjimbbq Posts: 2,731 Member
    Omg one million !!!! I didn’t expect that.
  • rudolpharudolpha Posts: 974 Member
    My lottery winners either move to Del Sol Valley or to a beach hut in Sulani. Most of the time they're just NPCs.
  • JoradsonJoradson Posts: 9 New Member
    I started to think it was only a myth, that the lottery was just not for playable sims aha! What a relieve it must've be for your sims tho to finally get a roof above their heads!
  • michellehilbrandmichellehilbrand Posts: 2,331 Member
    Last night, Father Christmas won. I was so happy for him. He and my sim are really good friends.
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