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Vampire-Alien Hybrid on the Gallery

MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 1,920 Member
Supposedly, vampire-aliens aren't meant to happen. When a vampire and an alien have a baby, it is meant to be either a vampire or an alien. But, my male vampire was abducted and had a baby, Loki, who grew up to be a vampire and an alien. I don't know how or why.

Vampire, Edward Vatore, (Caleb Vatore's son) and his human wife, Bella, were in for a surprise when an alien abduction left Edward pregnant. It soon became clear Edward's baby, Loki, was very special. Now a teenager, Loki is not only battling raging hormones, but trying to get to grips with both alien and vampire powers. Meanwhile, his annoying half-sister, Theodora, is starting to put on distinctly vampire-esque airs. Can Bella cope with being the only non-supernatural sim in this family? Will Loki start acting out?

Loki has all the alien powers. He can “detect personality”, “empathise”, “erase memory”, transmute crystals etc.

Loki also has all the purely vampire attributes, He burns in the sun, drinks plasma, can increase his vampire experience and take on strengths and weaknesses etc, will not age beyond young adult.

Loki’s “dark form”(vampire) and his “disguise”(alien), are both the same.

I uploaded Loki and his family to the gallery. You can find it by searching: "Vatore: vampire-alien son"
My gallery name is: thisisarealpainx

No Custom Content used.

Alien form:

Disguised/dark form (they seem to be the same thing for him):


The fam:

Important if you download him from the gallery:
Do NOT I repeat do NOT edit his age or appearance in CAS. If you try this, on exiting CAS, his normal appearance (but not his disguise/dark form) will be stuck in a highly glitched up thin spikey form. I reckon this happens because the vampire-alien lifestage is really just one big glitch and isn’t meant to exist. You have been warned. You can, however, age him up with a birthday cake and this will not result in glitches.
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  • NekoboyGamesNekoboyGames Posts: 35 Member
    Cool glitch. Never happened to me and I mostley have vampires and aliens in my games. I really hope EA adds so aliens can get turned and/or that vamp/alien hybrids are possible. I so need that for my stories. Was so sad when one of my alien sims married Caleb (That vamp is one really wanted bachelor), and he couldn't turn her and instead had to see her age and die. (I didn't knew about MCCC and aspiration points cheat back then.) And every kid they had was mortal except the last one. Lol, so at least he had one eternal daughter.
  • RavioliWusGoodRavioliWusGood Posts: 9 New Member
    How many "hidden" types are there? I know theres the skeleton, the mannequin and whatnot, but is there anything else?
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