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When will The Sims 3 be released?

Dear Simming community,

For over the past decade, I have had so many wonderful times and memories with my The Sims 2 game. I don't ever intend to quit the game, but I did notice that we have not received any packs for the game since 2008.

I spoke with my grandsons, who are much more informed about videogames than I am, and I asked them if they could find out for me when the next Sims 2 pack will be released. That is when I found out that because they are currently creating The Sims 3, we have not gotten any The Sims 2 packs. I wanted to ask all of you very intelligent and informed people if there is any way to know when The Sims 3 will be released.

Thank you so much to everyone in this beautiful online community for taking the time out of your day to read and answer my question. I hope you all have a lovely week.

Grandma Janey


  • SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 13,345 Member
    edited July 11
    I had to read this title several times and check the date several times to make sure I was reading it right.

    The Sims 3 came out June 2, 2009. The last expansion pack for The Sims 3 was released in October 22, 2013. EA is no longer working on either The Sims 3 or The Sims 2. They are now on the 4th series, The Sims 4.

    Some stores have stopped carrying The Sims 3 but you can purchase digital copies from the official EA store: Origin or authorized sellers. This means no CD, it just downloads and installs onto your computer. Here is a helpful link on how to buy games with Origin:

    ... or this is a joke :s
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  • Sonata13SingerSonata13Singer Posts: 170 Member
    Sims 3 has been released since 2009 and has many stuff packs and expansion packs. The last pack for Sims 3 was released 2013 (I think) and The Sims 4 was released 2014 and has many packs.
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  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,617 Member
    I almost thought this was a joke until I read GrandmaJaney's comment history. :smiley:


  • RodJohnRodJohn Posts: 403 Member
    edited July 11
    This is just adorable! How wonderful would it be to have spent so much time wondering when something would be released only to discover that it came out 9 years ago and there is a ton of content you didn't know about to play with? I hope you have fun with it, @GrandmaJaney!
  • DarkSuperNinjaDarkSuperNinja Posts: 1,197 Member
    This post is aboslutely heartwarming!

    As others have said, The Sims 3 is an older title and finished releasing all it's packs a few years back! You can ususally get the old disc versions second hand from your local game shop, or just buy from the Origin online store (whatever is more convenient, though I recommend the original discs that didn't involve Origin at all).

    Enjoy yourself! The Sims 3 is fantastic, and has been my favourite installment since it was released! :)
  • kaiwrysimskaiwrysims Posts: 396 Member
    This definitely made me smile omg. I hope you are thrilled to learn that it is already released and done lol.
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  • sassygray5sassygray5 Posts: 425 Member
    You will love the Sims 3 :smiley: I hope you enjoy discovering all the new possibilities!
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,296 Member
    edited July 12
    Hello @GrandmaJaney . It's really nice you've joined us here. :) You'll find that there are a lot of similarities but also a lot of differences between Sims 2 and Sims 3. It's best to just think of them as different games (same with Sims 4). Sims 3 is my favorite of the games.

    There is a LOT of content in the Sims 3 expansions, and also a lot of additional things you can get via stuff packs and the Sims 3 online Store. You should be able to have fun with the game for years to come. Personally, I've been playing Sims 3 since 2009, and there are still things in the game I really haven't explored much. It might be less overwhelming to just get one or two things at a time and see what you can do with them before adding more expansions. Keep in mind, though, if you have all or most of the Sims 2 packs, just the Sims 3 base game might seem a little "sparse" to you at first in comparison. That feeling won't last long if you keep adding content, as I suppose you did with Sims 2.

    In addition to buying the games on disc or download via Origin, Sims 3 is also available on Steam. They just had a nice sale, which is over, but they usually have it a few times a year. I don't know if you're familiar with Steam, but I'm guessing your grandsons probably are and could help you. Here's their site: and also the listing of what's available for Sims 3: .

    One thing you might want to do before you buy anything is check to see if your computer can handle the game. The technical forum here would be a good place to ask: .

    Anytime you have any questions about what to buy or how to do something in the game or a problem you encounter, we'd be happy to help you out here on the forum. Also, we'd love to hear what your simmies are up to in your game. :)
  • Rhiannon58Rhiannon58 Posts: 578 Member
    All the above suggestions are good information GrandmaJaney. A bit of caution: if you are playing TS2 by clicking a TS2 link on your desktop and NOT by connecting to Origin, you need to be very careful about adding Origin to your computer. It will make an "update" to TS2 that forces you to get online first before you play TS2. You will no longer be able to play TS2 offline.

    I recommend if you want to get into TS3, which is quite a bit different than TS2, you should consider getting it through Steam (talk to your grandkids about that).

    Welcome to the forums!
    Rhiannon (aka Gramma Kitty - that's what my grandkids call me)
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 20,413 Member
    I kind of envie you that you’ll be able to experience it all for the first time. Sims 3 will soon be 10 years old and I’ve been playing it from the moment it was a half year old. The game still entertains me greatly, it’s awesome! One tip (others may have given you already): don’t install everything at once but play the packs one by one, the way they were released. Otherwise it can really be too overwhelming I can imagine, Sims 3 with all content attached is massive. Except for Seasons and Generations perhaps, because those packs touch the core of the experience and when you’re used to Sims 2, family life might disappoint you without the latter.

    Have fun!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 42,696 Member
    @GrandmaJaney I think it's wonderful that you are coming into a full-blown game :) As others have said, take it slowly. I have been playing since the game came out and still haven't installed all the EPs that I own savouring each one to the fullest before adding more to my game :)
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 12,276 Member
    edited July 15
    @GrandmaJaney :p You are in for a treat sims 3 is open world which means every part of the huge world is usable and explorable,and with pets expansion can ride a horse across the countryside or dash down mainstreet in your car on the way to your girlfriends house.Wow you are gonna be mindblown

    here is the trailer to just base game :o Even the sim cant control his awe of open world,the beginning will fool you

    Pets trailer

    Hilda Bancroft

  • MemoriiValentineMemoriiValentine Posts: 1,677 Member
    edited July 15
    While there is many packs for sims 3 , theres also alot of content in the store as well. Alot of amazing content at that. Such as the tablet, chocolate fountain,deep frier, grandpa's tractor, tea set, and much more that I think youd like . If your anything like my parents,they are baby boomers, then I think you would like the canning station. We can stuff all the time Irl and if it is something you like to do or did when you were younger, then I think it would bring joy to your game
    Happy Simming!♥
  • bklienhartbklienhart Posts: 2,904 Member
    I'd like to second the opinion of avoiding using Origin, if you don't already have it.

    Also, if you get a bundle deal with a bunch of expansion packs (EPs), don't install everything at once. Just install the base game and one or two expansions and play with those for a while. Wait until you've explored most of the options before adding another expansion pack, otherwise it's easy to get lost amongst all the choices.

    Carl's Sims 3 guide is a good place for finding out about the various EPs and what you can do with them.
  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,041 Member
    Hello OP,

    How lovely to meet a simmer who has so enjoyed TS2 for so long. As the others have mentioned TS3 is nearly ten years old and there are plenty of expansions for you to explore. Before you invest though it would be worth checking your computer specifications. TS3 is very demanding on graphics and you don't want to be worried by the game taking a long time to render.

    Once you get the computer sorted you are in for a real treat. There is so much to do and explore that some of us who have been playing for a long time still haven't covered it all. Please come and tell us how you get on.

    Happy Simming.

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  • jillbgjillbg Posts: 3,415 Member
    Hi and welcome to the community @GrandmaJaney ! :)
  • CororonCororon Posts: 2,217 Member
    Uhm, I don't want to sound mean or anything, but if one has wondered why there haven't been any new packs for Sims 2 for ten years but can use the internet and join forums, then it also would have been easy to just google or look things up. I know plenty of older simmers and they don't post on forums like they write letters. I do think it's a joke, I could be wrong, but if it is a joke it's pretty harmless. :tongue:
  • ARRenschARRensch Posts: 655 Member
    This post is so wholesome and sweet, I hope you enjoy playing 3, it's a really great game. Happy simming!
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